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Blusher is the one product (apart from gloss as I am not a fan) that I skip in my make-up routine. Now, before you jump to any conclusions I will let you into a secret… I collect hoard blushers.  So why would I own so many blusher and not wear them? This answer is I’m regrettably lazy when it comes to slapping make-up on myself.  My biggest make-up regret is that when it comes to applying make-up on myself rather than when I go into ‘make-up artist mode’ I am slapdash. I rush, apply products in the wrong order and get wound up by my idiotic mistakes (like applying cream on-top of powder, or mascara before eyeliner).

In my pursuit to stay on trend I wasn’t surprised when I walked into my blusher lair. I had to face the fact that if I wanted to look like a supermodel (as if! cough) I would have to face my enemy- myself.  The catwalk has been hit with a flushed cheek pandemic, all of which feature a peach undertone. This of course is where my Rimmel Stay Blushed Liquid Cheek Tint comes in.

I have often learnt –through mistakes- that cream and tint blushers are far more effective and ‘natural’ than their powder siblings. Although it turned out I had another Stay Blushed product in my stash at home, the lovely Rimmel London Make-Over Bus formally introduced me to this product at London Fashion Week. I asked for a quick spruce up in-between shows (I had been up since 6am and it was now 2pm) I did not expect to see blusher on the menu alongside lipstick and nude eyeliner, but I was glad it showed up.

Helping me gain that my cheeks but better look, this liquid tint has the texture of a thick cream. If you have one of these products, or you go out and try it for yourself don’t be fooled by the high-street stigma. This blush has outstanding pigment- a little really does go a long way- and blends into my foundation better than some of my high-end products. The finish is matte which is perfect for long days and durability, you can go running and still look brilliant afterwards.

I am a huge fan of these products, so much that I have added it into my routine to stay on trend. To make this products fuss-free, apply using your fingers and blend quickly upwards. If I can use it I am pretty sure anyone can, plus for under £5 you can afford to get it wrong.

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