Summer Blush Affair

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When I was switching up my top draw of muji storage- where I keep my go-to makeup– I was shocked to find that three blushes sneaked their way into the stash. I have opened up a lot on BBE about how I like to hoard cheek products yet rarely wear them, but since the sun has popped out I have been reaching to achieve that sun-kissed goddess esk look. Yes I fall into that trap every year.

All three shades have a rose hue, that when popped onto the face give a warm glow that has me looking instantly more awake and ready to take on the day.

Cream wise there are two products that I keep reaching for; Max Factors Creamy Blush and Rimmel London’s Wake Me Up Blusher. Now rebranded as stay blushed. Offering different textures- liquid mousse vs traditional cream formulas- Rimmel offers a paler tone. Both products are very pigmented and easily blended with fingers.

MAC Pinch Me offers me the most idiot-proof blusher with a bright, rosey pink number. The reason this is idot-proof is because it is a great place to start. Powder blushes are easy to pack onto a brush a swipe on and because it is a sheer product there is no way you’ll be heavy handed.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Blush Affair

  1. I’m always tempted to get a Max Factor cream blush but something stops me. I think it’s the packaging or the fact that I’m so deeply in love with the Topshop cream blushes.. Btw I love your blog!

    1. You need to grab one I have two out of the four shades and I love them. Yeah the packaging is dinky and I do loose them a lot in my make-up bag but it is worth it. Topshop blushers are to dye for! I have three but I have never used them :/ Im keeping up with the hoarding blusher products! Aww Thank you Hun <3

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