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Welcome aboard yet another chubby stick hybrid train. Following on from yesterdays post about my blusher – not so much now- secret I thought I would ramble on about something which is new on the market and has me swooning.

We all know from previous posts on BBE, that I have a chubby stick fuelled relationship history tarnished with affairs of these hybrid high-street dupes. I am not sure if it was the Boots 3for2 that got my heart pumping, or that No7 £5 off voucher I had hidden away but it wasn’t long before we were on a date.

It is not unusual now-days to find good quality blushers (especially creams) from a drugstore brand. No7 have come out with some great new releases, but these blush products will have you sold from the get go – I dare you to just swatch one.

The shade Classic Rose (featured above) is what caught my fancy, rose is such a wonderful transitional shade to use between seasons and suits many skin-tones all year round. The texture is to dye for. The No7 Pop & Glow blushers apply like a cream yet transform into a powder on contact, to help make blending out the product quick and simple. Not only do these chubby stick hybrids blend well, but they have an impressive colour pay off thats buildable and leaves you looking just flushed all day.

Along side this blush collection is the No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter (above) that uses the same formula and costume as the No7 Pop & Glow blushers. The highlighter is a natural pink nude, containing light reflecting particles (perfect for monday morning & a mid week boost). Plus as I mentioned the formula is that of the blush, so that beautiful warm hue lasts all day and keeps you looking dewy.

If you fancy a little affair that doesn’t break your bank balance then try out these new beauties fro No7. I have to warn you of one thing, if you opt for these product you will be noticed, it isn’t a quiet affair you will be glowing.

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