The Edit: The Five Minute Blow Dry

IMG_2614The last thing I want to do when I get out of the shower is blow dry my hair. I have never been the kind of girl to worry about brushing or drying my hair, as I find the whole thing a chore. Since buying a new hairdryer (the highlight of last week) I have been more motivated to challenge the chore face on.

My old hair dryer was stuck in the 90’s. Like a good pair of shoes; it was feeling too used and worst for wear. You can’t blame it after being used constantly by my mother and I-¬†well when I could be bothered or forced- for 15 years. So it was about time we invested in a one, and wowzer’s it makes a difference having up-to-date tools.

Once I have drowned my wet in my favourite heat protection by Aussie, I use my wet brush to -unfortunately and rather painfully- brush through my hair untangling any nots. With a flick the switch and my june playlist blasting from my earphones, I get down to work.

In under five minutes I am rewarded with an uncontrollable fluffy mane- also known as my hair.  Requiring minimal effort on my behalf and a whole lot of modern technology I can now say that blowdrying my hair is less of a chore and more part of my routine.

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One thought on “The Edit: The Five Minute Blow Dry

  1. I wish I could blow dry my hair in 5 minutes. I have very curly hair so I have to use a diffuser to make it look somewhat normal. I really do hate blow drying my hair.

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