The InterNerd’s Guide To Starting A Running Routine in 3 Steps

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When I used to hear the word ‘running’ in any sentence, I started to get palpitations, sweaty palms and I’d cover myself with a blanket and pretend I was invisible. Things changed. I’m no athlete (very far from it)  but I do enjoy the occasional run and event. Getting a running routine has been the hardest part of the whole adventure, and I still don’t have it completely down due to my shift patterns. Here is how I started planning my ideal running routine.

Planning a route that can be easily extended is of course the best place to start. A simple circuit that starts and finishes at home is ideal, or even one that starts at work and finishes at home. As long as you can extend it but half a mile or two as you progress, you’re sorted.

You need to get familiar with you route to gain confidence. Start off by walking your route for two weeks -don’t even think about running just yet- once you can do that with ease can you up your tempo. Baby steps may occasionally feel boring but it’s the perfect way to build up your stamina.

If after 4 weeks you’re still waddling around its time to get kitted out. For once I’m not talking about fashion, I’m nattering on about getting the correct trainers. Finding the right trainers is a mission, you will need to head into a sports shop and take a running test. It may seem like a chore, but it will benefit you and make a huge difference.

After all of this, there is nothing stopping you. You’ve started your routine, you’ve starting building stamina up and now you’ve got the perfect footwear to avoid injury.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque Lipsticks


The infamous Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks are back. The only difference this time is that I’m not talking about my matte partners in crime, but they’re new, glossy siblings. As part of Bourjois’ S/S15 range, these Rouge Edition Aqua Lipsticks are making their way up the drugstore ranks.

Like the Velvet’s, the Aqua Laque’s are still a liquid lipstick. However these Rouge Edition’s have been revamped to have a gel like texture to create a high-shine finish. It doesn’t take to long for the shine to wear off, but rather than be left with nothing, you’ve still got yourself a demi-matte lipstick. Due to the formula these products aren’t as pigmented as their predecessors. Yes, that mean’s they aren’t as out there and that is what we were expecting. But; they are perfect for day-to-day wear.

I picked up the three best shades for me, however there are eight to choose from – mainly formed of nudes. All the shades are gorgeous and look great during the day, or layered up at night. I am thinking – seeing as they are only £8.99 each and there is 3 for 2 in boots at the moment – I should pick some more colours up.

The 5 Commandments of Office Makeup


Going to work can be struggle even on the best of days. I can vouch this even happens when you’re head over heels for your job. So the last thing we need is to suffer a disaster in the makeup department. I always find there tends to be an unspoken office uniform that we spend to long trying to fulfill and enough time misunderstanding. Here’s what I have learnt about office makeup from my time behind a PC.

Let’s start with the obvious. Avoid dark colours and anything glittery at all costs. Work is nothing like a night out on the town so you don’t need to treat your makeup the same way. Save your smokey eye’s and glitter eyeliner for Friday Nights and tone everything down for the office.

Seeing as we are avoiding dark colours, try to keep everything natural by using neutral taupe and sandpaper tones. A simple wash of colour over the lid partnered with a natural crease shadow will do more than you realise. Plus, if you need help waking up, pop a matte white shadow around your tear duct.

If you want to step everything up a notch just make sure you keep your eyeliner subtle and close to your lash line. I’d also recommend (if you’re going for this option) to make sure all your products are waterproof. Rubbing your eye’s all day after staring at a computer screen is asking for trouble.

Even though I have rambled on about how you ‘should’ - and I say that term lightly, because each to their own and all that jazz – wear your makeup, none of that matters if you aren’t comfortable. So, the most important commandment of them all is: wear what you feel confident in. 



The lead up to holiday was a tad crazy, and Abbi being Abbi offered to give me a helping hand (more fool her, right?). I’m not sure she was prepared for my answer, but she took the challenge and in my eyes smashed it! So here goes nothing… Ladies & Gentlemen, here is my best friends view about being a bloggers best friend… 

Having a best friend is something or someone we all have. Whether it’s a person or animal (get your Marley and me quotes at the ready). Now luckily, I have been blessed with a few best friends who each I will always be grateful for. Best friends are the ones you can tell your hopes, dreams and fears too. The ones who you share the details of your breakfast because it looked and tasted amazing. They are the ones you can talk to for hours everyday but also not speak for weeks and still feel like nothing has changed. Best friends tell it as it is, they stick up for you and complain about your boyfriend, they let you cry on their shoulder when you just need a sob. They also hug you as tight as they can just at the right moment and tell you ‘everything will be ok’. They also make you feel like your hyperventilating because they’ve done something or said something utterly ridiculous or majorly embarrassing and you can’t contain the belly laughs. These experiences are what we all go through. But, and this is a big but, having a blogger as a best friend brings other excitements, challenges and obstacles. So, without rambling on- a few comparisons on the standard Bessie, to the ‘let’s take photos and talk about blogs everyday!’ Type of Bessie ;)

Breakfast, lunch or dinners out- Now with a ‘normal, stereotypical’ best friend, whenever food is involved it’s understandable that the iPhone is coming out for a few photos worthy of Instagram. Now with a blogger, expect the DLSR to magically appear as soon as that food hits the table, and the plate has been arranged in the perfect angle. Just be prepared for him or her to look up at the lighting and work out the best angle the food (which at this point is getting colder and colder by the second) will look. What ever you do, do not move that food. Do not touch that fork for your own safety until you have got the go ahead, normally it’s a small smile at the camera or an irritated glance at the waitress because the toast has too many crumbs effecting the focus.. Please, please, please just wait., I worry for your well-being.

Be expected to take photos- again, we all like a good selfie with our friends and the odd embarrassing photo is a must with best friends, but if your blogger Bessie doesn’t like that angle (even if you, yourself look like the hottest person going) kiss that photo goodbye. If it ain’t blog worthy, blog off. Another good tip is to learn how to take photos and what a camera is. You may scoff at me when I say this, but it may be best to learn some of the terminology so your conversations aren’t you staring at them with a vacant look. If you are a blogger, or photographer everyone has their own styles and preferred light, angles, edits etc. work out what they like and get it right.(Or just tell them to take their own photos and stop being a lazy cow, my foods getting cold over here)

Free stuff and blogging events- Now, if you said you didn’t like free stuff, you’d be lying. And lying is bad. With bloggers, it’s a given you will be invited to tag along as a plus one or given some free products as they have been sent to many (or you’ve liked the look of something and been gifted it, again the BEST). Just remember it’s not all about the free stuff, the amazing parties and new opportunities. Your best friend has worked hard to get where they are – which I am – and you should be extremely proud of them for.

Be expected to spend a lot more -My face and my body love you, but my bank balance doesn’t at the moment girl. With being easily persuaded, on a lot of things- blogger best friends can tell you about new products, new or even old ranges which will benefit you. You’ll have long conversations on ingredient lists, prices, discounts and how to wash your face in a correct manner. But these little tips they’ve learnt along the way are amazing because you get to see a different side to their new world and even them. It’s sad, but different. Which is what we like!

Enjoy and embrace- as all best friends should do, enjoy each other’s company. Build those memories that’ll last a life time, take those photos that make you look awful. You only live once, and as over played and dragged out that saying is it is true. So enjoy it with your best friend, and love it with your blogger best friend.

DIY: Avocado Pasta Sauce With Cucumber Noodles


I never used to be a fan of Avocado’s, but over the past year I have trained my body to cherish the creamy, tangy taste and enjoy every dish I gobble down. Now, Guacamole is at the top of my shopping list. Today I am going to show my true lazy girls colors, and share with you this 5 minute Avocado Pasta Sauce recipe.


1 Cucumber // 1 Avocado // 1 Garlic Clove // Juice of 1 Lemon // 1 tlbs of Olive Oil // Salt & Pepper.


1. Sprialize your cucumber and add to a pan of boiling water for 3 minutes. Or place them to one side to make this a raw Vegan dish.

2. In a food processor, pulse the Avocado, Garlic, Lemon Juice and Olive Oil together until smooth.

3. Drain your Zoodles if you have cooked them, and place them in a dish.

4. Add your sauce to the Zoodles, and toss to achieve an even coating. Season with Salt and Pepper.



I’m not sure what inspired this post, but any excuse to surf ASOS for ‘research’ is a winner in my eyes. This time of year, no matter if I am attending a wedding or not, I always get excited to see those wedding pictures appear on my Facebook & Instagram page to see what everyone is wearing.

When attending a wedding, we all want to look beautiful, but not too overdone. These ASOS pieces are perfect for any celebration you may have this season – it doesn’t have to be a wedding, these would be great at a graduation or christening.

Starting at £60, these floral and lace outfits will have you feeling (and of course looking) absolutely fabulous.

From left to right:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

 It’s time to get out the debit card, and start prepping your legs for these Spring/Summer dear to bare pieces.

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