A Child of The Jago Launch

A few weeks ago, I was invited down on behalf of The Clothes Maiden, to the launch of the new Child of The Jago store in West London. If you want to know what I thought and everything that went on head over to here and read my post all about the event.

A Child of The Jago is a fashion brand created by Joe Corre, Vivienne Westwood’s Son, so I’m sure you can guess how excited I was to meet some of the creators involved. The new collection is one of a kind, featuring sort after fabrics and creative embellishments.

Here are some snaps from the event:



The Celebrity: This Weeks Best Dressed #15 FKA TWIGS


Now FKA Twigs isn’t this weeks best dressed, or has she recently look stunning, but due to her relationship with the one and only Robert Patterson, I had to talk about her. I must have heard a few weeks after everyone else, as apparently it isn’t new news, but this singer has recently shot to the job of the fashion industry, due to her quirky style and sudden limelight.

FKA Twigs fashion style is a little grunge meets hip hop, but her makeup stays pretty much the same. With a matte base of foundation, concealer and powder, FKA Twigs focuses all on the lips, often walking out with a bold Red or Purple Lipstick on.

To recreate your look, you’re going to have to step out of your Nude lip comfort zone and soak in the bold hues by picking your favourite Red lipstick and smacking it on. Everything else can be simple, just keep to the bare minimum.

This is an easy effortless look you could pull off if you were in a hurry, but wanted to look like you’d made an effort.

Oriflame Beauty Triple Core Lipstick

IMG_2593 IMG_2595

Remember When I showcased some snaps from the #BloggersFestival event!? Among the many brands there, I managed to catch up with Oriflame and my pal Gary Cockerill, who I’ve met before on Jobs and events. Gifted with their new (or,now, recently launched) Lipstick in my hands, I got to work at giving it a test run and creating a space for it in my stash.

You may have been able to grab a hint from its name, but this unique Lipstick is built upon three layers; the pigment, a glossy glitter and a balm. The combination of all three layers gives a moisturising, tinted lip balm texture to the lipstick, but with a full colour. The colour itself has a 3d effect, showcasing its Plum, Berry and Brown undertones to help you lips into the illusion they are fuller. It’s all very 90’s -right on trend.

Although the colour may be bolder than other Lip Balms on the market, due to its texture and formula it best fits in this category, rather than Lipstick. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t so much of a bad thing, because how long have you waited to a full colour balm on the market?  Retailing at £11.95 this is a luxury buy, so have a little think, but remember this product is what it says on the tin.

The Recipe For A Relaxing Bath


Relaxing after a long day or week is my top lifestyle priority. I find myself relaxing in many ways, reading a book, doing yoga, but most of all having a bath. Apart from the hygiene aspect which gets me a little crazy (nothing a good rinse in the shower can’t fix) I couldn’t think of a better way to end a day, than letting my muscles soak in hot water.

There are a million products on the market to help make your experience in the bath memorable, and apart from my expanding Lush collection, I always return to three products out of the bunch to help me along.

Radox is an old friend that sticks like a rash. A good rash though. Ever since I was young, all I can remember is my Dad, Mum, and Nan, all popping a cap full of Radox into the bath along with some Detol. Radox is designed to help your muscles relax, but for me even if it doesn’t, the fresh herbal scent always does. Plus -who doesn’t love bubbles!

Spa Muscle Soak is a new product into my routine, but it’s one that’s going to stay here. Along the same lines as Radox (without the bubbles) this product is designed to sooth your senses aswell as your muscles. I find this product works best for me after hitting the gym, as it always, without fail, soothes my hip ache.

Finally, M&S Shower Gel is my favourite on the market. The mixture of sweet and herbal fragrances, help sooth my senses, and it leaves me skin super soft.

Only Go To Claire’s Accessories For Phone Cases


By now, you and I have built up the kind of relationship where you understand my need to be nutty. I love to be out there and quirky, and when it comes to accessories -in particular, phone cases- I hate having to be boring. There are loads of cases on the market to suit everyone, however the brand that sets a constant high barrier is Claires.

I first stumbled among claire’s phone cases in Chelmsford when I smashed by old cases and went on an SOS hunt for a new one. The quirky designs and monster themes run through their cases. My first edition was the Goggle Eyed Cat which lasted until I had picked its eye off on many bus journeys. Then came along my Glow-in-the-dark Monster Case. I fell in love very quickly as the GINTD feature meant my phone was easy to find in the bottom of my bag, and also helped me not lose it at Reading Festival. My latest edition is a watermelon. Designed for the iPhone 5c, I just think it’s the cutest thing ever.

Claire’s accessories have a number of phone cases for all modern iPhones and Samsung technology, plus they cover everything from the quirky cases I love, to embellished and simplistic cases. I have never paid over the top for these cases, around the £8 mark which could be the lowest I have found on the market.

Next time you walk past a Claire’s shop thinking, ‘I’m not 10 anymore’ just remember, your phone needs to bling.

A Lesson From Pinterest: Halloween Nails


While I am away today painting nails for Topshop (Yes, I Know- cool right?!) I decided to showcase my favourite Halloween nail art from Pinterest. All I did was search in the description and have a rummage through all the photos. All of these designs are super easy to recreate with a little time and imagination.

1) Spiders. All you need for this nail look is some imagination and a dotting tool. Using the larger side of the tool, dip into your black polish and dot the product onto your nail. Using the smaller side of the tool or a cocktail stick, drag the polish out and up to create spider legs. Finish up decorating the rest of your nail how you like -I think a little glitter would be good.

2) Ghost Eyes. This has to be the most simplistic but gorgeous nail look by far. Just using your dotting tool again, create the whites of the eyes first, then plonk a little black on top. You can make this style your own by having multi-coloured ghost or even using googley eyes.

3) The Frankenstien Mani. Starting out by placing a plaster down on your nail (or sticky tape) to help you master your Manicure Line, take an orange or green polish and paint the tips of your nails. Once everything seems dry, remove the tape, and take your black nail art pen -or a cocktail stick with polish on- and add some Frankenstien artwork along the tip.

I’d love to see you halloween nails so make sure you tweet me a picture or comment a link down below!

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