Nanogen Hair Fibres


I used to think that the answer to thicker, fuller locks was a can of Dry Shampoo, but I was wrong. You may remember a while back that I tested out some Nanogen hair products that helped take my razor-sharp bob to a whole new level, and now they have another product in the range.

I have never had an issue with thin hair – unlike the rest of my family – as I am gifted with a full head of heavy black hair. However, since I grew that dreaded bob out I have found the weight tends to leave my roots look flat and a tad drab. Thus, I need a helping hand.

To use these fibre’s, all you have to do is shake the product onto your hair, and spray it down. It’s really as simple as that, even my Step-Dad could (and did) use them. This product may make a subtle difference by creating extra tint to your hair, but it is extremely noticeable when applied correctly. Plus, I find it gives a certain someone a lot more confidence, so it’s worth picking up in Boots.

#SmearforSmear 2015 : The Truth About Smear Tests


Since Sunday you may have seen the latest social media campaign of smeared lipstick selfies and wondered what in the world would make ladies publish bad photos of themselves with smeared makeup?

A lot of women (for once, myself not included) avoid smear tests for the fear of pain, embarrassment and the results. This week marks a 7 day viral campaign to convince women to book & attend their smear test. As, although all women get invited to attend their cervical screening at 25 to detect pre-cancer cells 1/3 don’t attend. That’s a shocking figure when you think about the consequences.

You may be wondering why I am posting such a thing on this blog seeing as I am not 25 yet. Without going into too much detail, I’ve been there, got the t-shirt and completed the challenge. I’m not going to sit here and tell you it is a dandy experience, it isn’t. But it’s necessary and there are a few things you need to remember.

  • Yes, it’s no walk in the park. The equipment may look scary, but the sooner your forget about it and relax the sooner it will be over.
  • The test only lasts a few minutes and when you’re done you can reward yourself after with Ben & Jerry’s.
  • Between 90 & 94% of screening come back negative, so you’re not setting yourself up for a lifetime of hospital appointments.
  • Your best friend is your best friend for a reason and if you need someone to hold your hand, it’s more than okay to ask them.

It’s Lust List Time…



These post don’t come around often on BBE, in fact only twice a year. Because I love to provide and support myself, I find it almost impossible to sit down and think of gifts I would like to receive for my Birthday or Christmas – if I could just receive a cupcake instead I’d be more than happy. To get out of having to think about presents I tend to share my notebook to the rents (of course there is a list of things I want/need to buy, I’m sure every woman has one) and be thankful if they cross one-off for me.

Seeing as I have shared my current notepad lists with three people, I thought why not share it with a few thousand more in case you’re looking for a few things to add to your payday shopping list.

Deliciously Ella’s Cookbook has been on my list since she announced her new launch. I am a huge fan of Vegan cooking for various reasons and it was Ella’s blog that got me into that mindset. I’m pretty sure I have printed & scrap booked nearly all her online recipes and thus don’t need this book, however, I little bird has told me there are so exclusives and Waterstones have signed copies up for sale.

The Canon EOS M has finally be restocked in the UK! *celebration dance* This product has been on, off and back on my list more times than I can count. There is no reason why I need this product (seeing as I have more than enough camera’s) other than I just want to add it to my collection. I can justify; It will be easier for when I travel abroad, Look great in Instagram pictures and – of course- allow me to carry it around on a daily basis for snapshots on the go as it doesn’t weigh, yet gives the same DSLR quality, as my Cannon 600d. Does this qualify for the need category now?

I am pretty sure I have managed to persuade my Dad to purchase the Canon Pancake Lens seeing as it’s all I’ve spoken about since September. Say hello to soft focus backgrounds YouTube.

A Vivienne Westwood Watch is all I need to add to my accessories collection. I’m pretty sure that’s all I need to say, Isn’t it just stunning?

Nike Studio Wraps are great for people who enjoy Yoga, yet hate doing it bare foot. I have been after these for such a long time, but seeing as I have a common foot size (five and a half if you’re wondering) they always seem to be out of stock when I go to purchase them.

I wasn’t a fan of Zoella’s makeup bags to start off with – they just seemed to ‘young’ for me. Her new launch ; the ‘Just Say Yes’ Makeup Bag has caught my eye as it’s for her older audience. It has the same shape, fabric and va-va-voom, yet its gold detailing and simple design set it out from the rest.

Accessorize have the best bags on the high-street - fact – and this Mini Satchel bag is just gorgeous. I am sure that I shall be sporting this at London Fashion Week in February along side enough floral print to put all UK florists to shame.

SOS Hormonal Breakout Products.


The past week I have been in a spot of bother. I’ve had every bugger you could think of; blackhead, whiteheads, inflamed red lumps; here there and everywhere. There is nothing that gets a lady down more than this. Luckily, because I have a knack with the old ingredients, I have reigned in my skincare leaving one superstar product to do all the soothing & blemish busting.

I am  pretty sure you have already heard of this product, however, when my skin is in all sorts of trouble I always bring in the top players. That’s where La Roche Possay’s Effaclar Duo Plus comes in. A cream based complexion cowboy that soaks in over the course of your morning to a clear base. I tend to use this as a base before foundation, but also throughout the day as a spot zapper. I am pleased to say it has worked, and – touch wood – it stays like this.

Tartan Check Skirts

PicMonkey CollageAfter spending the past few months wrapped up in tartan scarves, shirts and trousers, of course we knew the trend would continue into Spring/Summer.  Tartan is the perfect print to transform your outfit from day to-night (I am sitting here at work planning on doing just that as I am currently wearing my Topshop Midi Tube Skirt and fancy a few drinks tonight). Seeing as I just can’t get enough of the print I have surfed the WWW ( to find some great styling tips to pulling off the print. Here’s what I’ve learnt from the blogosphere:

1. Keep it plain up top. Because there is so much drama with the Skirt print, you need to pair this piece with plain monochrome or denim.

2. It’s time to dust off your favorite black leather jacket and put it to good use. Not only does this give you the chance to keep covered while we are in this transition time, but they also look Chic.

3. Everyone seems to love accessorizing with statement necklaces & jewels.

Must Read Articles About Fitness.


I spend 95% of my time on the internet, and the other 5% thinking of it. Of course this means I have seen, read and commented on pretty much every beauty, fashion & fitness post out there. Consequently I thought it was about time to mix up your Wednesday blog fix and bundle together the best of everything from the past seven days on fitness.


The hardest struggle many ladies have – myself included – is eating correctly for  their diet with hormones are all over the place. Consequently, I am always browsing the internet for new recipes, healthy treats and inspiration; so this post by Susie is perfect. These books have been added to my kindle, and I am currently working my way through the ages with my notebook to hand.


Shay Mitchell’s blog is addictive. It may just be because I am obsessed with PLL,or the fact she is stunning - I’m not to sure which on yet – never-the-less, her fitness routine is inspiring. This recent post on Amore & Vita featured Shay’s boxing routine as part of her workout. What I found fascinating about this was her approach to cardio was how it wasn’t conventional but had an amazing effect. Warning: If you read this article you will book an appointment at your local boxing ring.


The biggest excuses I here from so many friends (and myself at 5am in the morning) is that they are just too busy, or too tired from being busy to go workout. This may sound like the case, but there is a way around. My favorite gals at #fitgirlcode have tackled this situation just like the Grit Doctor does – brownie points for you if you’ve read that book – and found you a solution. So, if you keep busting out the excuses, it’s time to go read this article.


Vivianna. Does a week go buy where I don’t mention V? With her recent fitness kick, this fellow internet baby keeps sharing the most amazing recipes, fitness hauls and this week, her top workout videos to bash out before work.

5To round of this post I have decided to go back and natter on about diet. Of course with all these New Years resolutions there are 101 diet posts floating around the WWW, but this one from The Kitchn caught my eye. Why? Not only is this list realistic (no more hunting round health food shops) but it also saves the pennies so you can treat yourself to a new pair of jeans once the pounds have fallen off! Bingo.

The Concealer Worth Running To Boots For…


I am unfashionably late to this party, and yes, it’s been out for yonks, yes, I’ve heard all the reviews. But now, it’s my turn. In a quick reflection the Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye Perfect & Cover Concealer is not only the longest named product on the market, but is in a league of its own. It may even be better than Nars Creamy Concealer…did I just say that?

Let’s get over the awkward bit first, there is only three shades and everyone seems to be light. Why? It’s not to yellow or pink, you can contour with it if you fancy and it gives a wakening effect once it’s blended out. The second situation is the way the product is dispersed – a sponge. Now, this is great for under your eyes, however, when you’re tackling Mother Natures outbursts it’s a germy war zone. To get around this, apply the product onto your finger and hide everything that way.

With that all out-of-the-way, lets move on to why this product is award-winning. Apart from the aforementioned, the formula of this product is creamy meaning it blends  like a dream, yet has enough powder pigment to not slide everywhere. Due to the powder pigment, I can tell you know, this budget – yes budget – concealer is your guy.

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