Beyond Beauty #1

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Between my job, blog & YouTube I don’t tend to think, or even write, about much that doesn’t come from  the beauty department or isles of boots, yet I still get on with my day and enjoy the simple things.

After reading Lily Pebbles blog for quite some time now I have started to fall in love with her weekend series called wear. life. eats which is a perfect way to sum up and appreciate everything non beauty related, so that’s what I have decided to do. Every Sunday I shall be doing a little post called beyond beauty where I  share with you the other, not so little things, I have been loving and getting up too.

//Style// Finding the perfect pair of flip-flops can be hard work. I haven’t owned a pair since I was around 11 years old, why? because I never found anything perfect for me. Sad. I know. This year I was pottering around assuming I would pick up another pair of gladiator sandals, because you can never go wrong with a pair (or in my case several) of black sandals, but boy was I wrong. After heading into millets, the camping shop, for a light sale browse I spotted the most amazing pair of flip-flops which screamed my name. Catering as my bold accessory for spring and practicality (don’t you hate flip-flops that look great but are so god damn uncomfortable and hard to walk in) I am now wearing flip-flops for the first time in years.

//Adventure// If you live in London you will definitely know, if you live in the UK I am sure you know; but if you have been living under a rock for a good week you may not know that the London Marathon was last Sunday 13th April. The London marathon is one of the biggest event’s where you can’t travel by tube as they are all packed up, roads are shut off and there are pedestrians everywhere. Every year, since being with Luke, I have jumped on a train to London on marathon day, not just for the marathon but to go have a day in London while members of his family take part in something called a kayakathon – it’s exactly what it sounds like. This event is something I enjoy every year (maybe it’s because I get to walk and admire London when I’m not rushing around working), no I’m only messing about.

//Refuel// Luke arrived back from Indonesia Sunday, and as his leading lady, or should I say glorified slave- I’m only joking- I have been a goddess in the Kitchen cooking up a storm with whatever dish I fancy, for him and the family. Now, I am no Jamie Oliver in the kitchen, nor do I pretend to be, but with a good try I would say my meals haven’t come out that bad. Trying to take into consideration my own dietary needs (diary and gluten free) I have stumbled upon yummy replacement’s for my traditional foods deep the in isles at Holland and Barretts.

The Weekend Post: Bank Holiday 5 Things


It is very rare for me to get a whole weekend off from work as the beauty industry seems to thrive on a weekend but when someone said ‘bank holiday weekend’ the world seemed to stop- well apart from retail, retail is always alive.

With the idea in my head I have a whole weekend to do whatever I like, pamper myself, prep for the next four weeks of a full diary, and eat I thought I would get together and write myself a little to do list and share with you- I know you are all as nosey as I am- what I plan to do for the rest of the weekend.

Yesterday I spent a lot of the day cooking, reading and walking which sounds great, but where is the beauty in that? So this weekend I vow to:

1.Give myself and manicure. I am in desperate need of a full nail overhaul, I’m not even joking. I am sitting here typing with (and I apologise in advance for mental images) chipped pastel blue nail polish from one week ago -shocking- cuticles, well where they shouldn’t be and tot op it all off all my nails are different lengths from days of breaking and biting.

2. Take a long bubble bath. Being a bath girl by nature I have been rather surprised with my recent month’s break – not from washing silly- from the luxurious stewing in hot water for over an hour for the more practical quick shower. With a spare few hours floating around this weekend there is no excuse for me not to whip out the bubble bath and jump in.

3. Bake a cake. If I knew you were coming I’d of baked a cake, baked a cake, baked a cake. I have been slaving away cooking and cleaning up after Luke for a whole week ( I don’t understand how parents do it) and not once so far have I really cooked anything solely for me. I love cake, who doesn’t love cake, so I think it is about time that mid afternoon today or tomorrow I build a Victoria sponge cake, or cupcakes, hmm what to cook?

4. Watch Hop on Sunday. Who has seen this advert on Channel 4 floating about the last couple of weeks? Promising to be a family film about the Rabbit who didn’t want to be the Easter Bunny it looks like a great way to spend a Sunday evening. I am a sucker for a good animation film where I can forget I am an adult for a moment, like frozen (I know you have seen it) so Channel 4 can be sure I will be snuggling down to watch.

5. Eat a ton of Chocolate and not feel bad at all. I have already started on this mission (don’t tell me you haven’t touched a square since you finished work Thursday night) by guzzling down at least a whole bar of dairy milk, a few bars of free from and of course a bag of mini eggs.

Bank Holiday Treats: Discount Codes & Sales

easter-eggsHands up if like me you are sitting in your pyjama’s right now and don’t plan moving or getting dressed til Midday at least. Yhep, I caught you out. Well, fear not, you don’t need to rush down to the local shopping centre or high street to get the best of the Easter bargins and discount codes as I have spent my morning scouting the internet and my emails for the best beauty offers the internet has to offer.

3Save £5 off your Superdrug orders over £50 using the code EASTER5
Day-1_03Illamasqua Easter egg hunt to get 40% off your next order
sensationail-gel-nail-polish-colours-bannerGet the SensatioNail starter kit in scarlet red for £40 at boots using the code SENS5E
nars-blushBuy any 2 Nars products and get a blush free while stocks last here
hqhair.comGet 15% off all orders over £50 plus FREE Delivery here
1000x400-LF-Wk16-AB-20-off-Sidewide-090722Get 20% off your orders at here
1000x400-LF-CL-WK12-GHD-Brandpagebanner-112422GHD’s for £89 here
E1This offer ends on the Monday 21st at midnight here.

Review: Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse

cocoa brown 012

Although I am not known to dose myself in fake tan often, more like every quarter-century, when offered the chance to try out a leading lady in the ‘at home’ tanning ranks I accepted. With visions of streaky legs, stained bedsheets and having to endure the 6-8 hour developing time of a traditional tan I wasn’t really sure why I accepted, but when my package appeared in the post I was glad to see the answer to all my fake tan woe’s; a tan that develops in 1 hour- bingo.

Gifted in pink packaging, with simple instructions and tips for those tan virgins, or less experienced like me (did you know you should apply petroleum jelly to the areas you want to avoid darkening like under your eyes? Me neither.) this product is lightweight, easy to use and – touch wood- going to be the answer to your pre holiday tan.

Once applied, (may I suggest you use a tanning mitt, as well I didn’t and ending up with awkward hand tan- problems of a virgin) and washed off, the Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan gives a natural looking golden tan, leaving me looking like I had spent a good few days on Southend Beach during Summer than 2 weeks in the Bahama’s. The product results last for about 3 days, but it’s safe to say it take 5 days to fully fade back to snow white, but obviously does start to go patchy around your joint’s and creases.

Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse is the first of it’s kind in quick developing formula’s, It is easy to expect a purse draining price tag, but for £6.99 it is one of the most affordable self tanning products on the market. So if expensive, Tango-esk tanners are getting you down, I would recommend trying out this product, which you can pick up in superdrug, feel unique or even select Primark (Yes, Primark) stores across the UK.



Celebrity Secrets: Snail Cream

IMG_2364 IMG_2366This craze has been around for a while now, and since I mentioned this slimy treat in my recent favourites video I thought it was about time I shared the secret in more detail. This product – snail cream – has been hidden in the depths of Korean skincare shelves for a few years, but it wasn’t until the beautiful Ashley Roberts mentioned this in an interview last November claiming it did wonders for her skin, that I even heard about it. I finally got my hands on a few tubs of this rather sticky cream at the UK’s CEW beauty awards, and like I said in my video – it really has transformed my skin.

Housed in a sturdy pot, this cream is transparent gel-like formula which applies onto the skin like water. Because of its thin water texture the cream does feel rather sticky when it is first applied onto the skin, but it does absorb within a few minutes and the sensation is gone. It is easy for me to say that this cream/gel can work it’s magic on you like it has for me, as I have been using it for a good few months now but it’s active ingredients with the addition of aloe vera and lemon grass contain benefits for any skin type.

So you’re probably wondering how the snail comes into this cream? Snail mucus contains Helix Aspera Muller ( A big name for a bunch of proteins, glycolic acids, binding hyaluronic acid, elastin’s and allantoin) which helps repair and regenerate (like the doctor- comment bellow if you understand that little joke) a snails membrane, using the same mucus in skincare humans can see similar benefits such as anti-aging, smaller pores and reduced appearance of scaring, and redness.

I promise you now that there are no crushed snails in your cream, or any were harmed in the making. The mucus from the snails is collected on special glass and occasional plastic surfaces as they crawl around hunting for food.

So if you can get over the idea of putting snail slim mixed with a few other ingredients on your face I would recommend you go try this product out. Snail creams range on the market from £20 to £180, the cream I have been trying out can be easily bought at Holland & Barratts for £19.99.

Makeup Trends 2014 : Magenta Lips

Blurred EdgesIMG_2475Full pigmentation (from the bullet)IMG_2490Gloss finish

Since being named the colour of the year, magenta has popped up everywhere in spring holiday collections, primarily focusing on lipsticks and glosses. This trend suits my make-up style perfectly, but for those of you who want to try out this new fad but aren’t sure how to play with the trend, sit back and listen to the lipstick junkie.

If you are heading out to work, a lunch date or even want an after gym pick me up (we all need one of those) you can make magenta wearable. The first way, and to your surprise my favourite, is by blending out the colour with a Q-tip or your fingers. This technique is perfect for getting a sheer wash of colour but still achieving the correct balance between pigmentation and subtlety. Just apply the lipstick from the bullet, then take a Q-tip and blend out the edges of your lipstick or pat the product in with your ring finger.

If you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty, but still want a sheer wash of magenta opt for a gloss. You will have to hunt around your local make-up counters to find the right gloss for you, as we all know they can be a little troublesome when it comes to their pigmentation.

The most common way of wearing a bright lipstick is to apply it straight from the bullet- a little more risky. As a bright lipstick lover, I tend to pair my bold lip with full coverage, dewy skin and subtle eyes- usually just opting for mascara, but there is nothing stopping you from going full out fabulous and pairing magenta lipstick with a smokey eye.

The final way I decided to test out this new makeup trend is by playing around with the ombre and feathering. I am pretty sure everyone knows what ombre is by now after 2013, but feathering hit the catwalk last September in SS14 as a new technique to achieve that care free look. Taking two shades of lipstick, apply the darker all over, then dab your lighter shade in the centre and blend away. Simples.

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