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One thing I miss about working for Urban Decay is the hysteria around the Naked Palettes. Slowly but surely the high-street has caught up with its own offering of smokey eye marvellousness in the form of L’Oreal’s La Palette Nude in Rose.  I spied this on the day of launch as it was conveniently placed next to my work station, but after watching ladies fight over the final palette before my shift had finished I felt a loss. Fortunately for me (and the benefits of working in Boots) my colleague had put one aside knowing I’d benefit from this product, without a moment’s hesitation I gave her a hug and proceeded to the tills.

The name ‘Rose’ denotes that this palette may be on the pink side of things, but I promise they’re not. With a mauve hue running throughout the palette – minus the odd brown and purple – the colours are suited to almost everyone. Well they needed to hit the market with a storm didn’t they? However, there are a few teething problems… The palette contains 4 matte and 6 shimmer shade. The shimmers are more than you expect; smooth, pigmented and buttery – perfect for blending. But the matte shades that have the problem, they just don’t stand up to the job. However, it’s nothing that a MAC 217 can’t fix.

L’Oreal is known for it’s more upmarket prices, and this palette will set you back £14.99 so it’s not the cheapest out there, but for 10 shades it most certainly warrants a purchase. I have held back on this post till the product is back in stock both online and in store – Oh yes it sold out in under a week – So you should be able to get your  dirty mitts on it.


The Celebrity: This Weeks Best Dressed #19 Lauren Conrad



Can we just take a moment to appreciate the goddess that is LC. Dreamy makeup, perfect hair and an empire that produces the most beautiful Pinterest boards I’ve ever seen, Lauren Conrad has developed since her five minutes in the hills.  I remember quoting to my friend that her style book was the bible – it defiantly helped me through high school – but I stand here today corrected; Lauren Conrad is the bible (well at least everything she does should be one, so thus she is God?).

Her recent chop has everyone thinking ‘actually I could do with a trim too.’ The shoulder skimming, effortless locks that scream out texture give me hair envy. If you’re heading in this direction, or you’re wondering if you should follow the haircut road, I ask – and recommend – you take some time to think about it. Have a little play about, maybe transition slowly, but make sure you’re happy. To create texture in your hairdo, start-up a relationship with your dry shampoo and texturising spray because you can never add to much volume. Right?

Warning: I am about to talk make-up. All that bible (Lauren Conrad: Style) studying has paid off and I have learnt LC’s biggest beauty secret. You’re not prepared if you’re not wearing Eyeliner. I challenge you to find a photo of Lauren without eyeliner. You can’t, can you? So, team up with your easy-does-it, ultra black eyeliner that will support you all day – Like yesterdays Bourjois beauty.

Bourjois Mega Eyeliner in Ultra Black


Liquid eyeliner and I have a rocky relationship. Created for tricks and flicks, I have had fair share of flakey formulas, wobbly lines and hand slips, but I keep soldiering on. After finally finding Rimmel’s Scandeleyes Pen Eyeliner I thought nothing would catch my heart, that was until this Bourjois Mega Liner landed on my desk.

Of course I couldn’t wait to play, and even just from a quick swipe eon the back of my hand I could see that the angled tip glided over without a fault, creating a concise line. The slanted tip allows you to get friendly with your lash line and place the product where you want it – not where you hand decided to place it. Taking this slowly; I start off by stamping my flick into place, then tilting the nib to glide across my lid. Whether you’re a feline flick pro or beginner this product is worth picking up for a budget price. I have even applied this on the train.

The Beauty Army

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I don’t really remember the recruitment process, it may have happened the moment I opened Cosmo aged 13, or when I bought my first Naked Palette, either way I am a fully pledged member of the Beauty Army. Serving the trends can sometimes get tiring, predictable and expensive. So why do we continue? It isn’t just because society orders us to, but hell we enjoy it!

One of the biggest fall trends this year is Metallic, layered on top of itself, under a smokey eye or blended to a river dream.  Personally I always try to achieve some sort of equilibrium in each make up look, so mixing something metal, doused in shimmer needs to be accompanied with a high coverage base. Let’s skip all other base products, groom our brows and hurry out into the field.

Vegan Dietspiration


I am becoming a huge fan of cooking. Combined with my passion for the internet, I have found some amazing vegan recipes, videos and online magazines. The web is full of inspiration and I’m not protesting anytime soon so here are my top three online kitchen hubs.

1. Deliciously Ella I think I scroll through Ella’s blog more times than Instagram in hourly periods. I’ve got so addicted I’ve now followed her on all social platforms. If you’ve got friends coming over, or need a pick me up treat, you can whip something yummy up in 10 minutes – if you can tear yourself away from her site.

2. Vegetarian Magazine. This is my most recent discovery after scouring the isles of Waitrose a few weeks back. You know when you’ve just got home and all your craving is a great hearty meal? This magazine (available on iPad aswell) is your best friend. It’s full of recipes where your grocery stash covers the ingredients so there’s no need to head back out. Plus although its primarily Vegetarian theres a million and one tips to lead your recipe down the Vegan road.

3. Pinterest Good Ol’ Pinterest. Gifting you with more Vegan recipes than you could think of; Potato Burgers, Curries, Pies, Brownies and ice-cream, you’ll be forever pinning away. I now have a food inspiration board.

The Knitwear Rediscovery


If I could live in a monochrome wardrobe composed of those baggy-but-not-too-baggy knitwear pieces, numerous pairs of black jeans and a good pair of ankle boots, I’d be a very happy lady.  Autumn has finally arrived – convincing me it’s nearly Winter – so it’s time to put the former pieces into action.

Over the years my slouchy jumper collection grown to something quiet remarkable. Thus so has my artwork to find such pieces courtesy of the High-Street.  Even though trends change, when it comes to knitwear keeping things basic helps you be Chic. After a long night of internet window shopping, I have edited it down to three products that had me starting an online basket.

1. I was never a fan of Cowl neck Jumpers but I grabbed this Grey Cowl Neck Batwing Jumper from New Look. In a size larger than necessary, this piece created the perfect relaxed silhouette.

2. You can’t go wrong with this Lola Slash neck Fisherman Jumper from Boohoo this season. I mean who doesn’t need an over the shoulder piece in their wardrobe? Sitting on the fence being practical and stylish there are seven colours to choose from.

3. No style post would be complete without ASOS. After making it onto my wish list, this Longline Cardigan is the perfect layering piece. Plus it has a little bit of nineties stigma attached to it.


The Sushi Man UK

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Damn I do love my food. Since working in London – and thus being cornered into eating more than just my regular sandwiches – my palette has tweaked, forming a fire to try out new things, including cooking.  This is a huge change from the girl who had a set diet of Pizza, Spaghetti Hoops & Ketchup Sandwiches. Yes, all of these happened. In my mission to be healthy, I have experienced a lot of late night Sushi stops, before jumping on the train home and grown to adore the raw fish & wet rice dish. Unless you’re prepared to fight the rest of Waitrose for the last pack of sushi, there isn’t – well wasn’t – anywhere you could curb your cravings. Thanks to some good advertising in our local bourough leaflet, I got a late night text from my dad announcing their was a Sushi Takeout down the road.

Meet The Sushi Man UK. I am a big believer in the 80:20 ratio, 80% healthy food and 20% of what ever I fancy (I haven’t stopped giving domino’s my wages just yet), and fresh Sushi get’s my vote for best meal. After placing the order early Saturday morning, both my Dad and I spent the next 10 hours waiting in anticipation for our dinner. Ordered for 7pm, at 6:59 our plates were ready, expectations high and when the doorbell rang I’m sure the whole street heard us squeal with excitement.

Three platters and two Miso Soups demolished, the report is in. This was the best Sushi I have ever had! Incorporating some of my favourite Prawn and Salmon slices, as well as  dishes I had never tried; Egg, Avocado, Crab and Tuna, there wasn’t a rice out-of-place. Fresh is defiantly best, and this local company has my full support, including my repeat order of Sushi.

I now have another Sushi date booked in my diary, but this time to learn the art itself.

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