The Celebrity: This Weeks Best Dressed #20 Victoria Secrets Fashion Show 2014


Victoria Secret isn’t just your average underwear shop, it’s a lifestyle. With the biggest live fashion show every year, you don’t just admire the clothes (if you can call them that) but you spend the rest of the year down the gym trying to look just as fantastic in the outfits and calming down the makeup to just concealer.

This years show had the golden girls sporting heavy bottom liner, smokey gold shadow and nude lip gloss. Of course everything was full of glitz and sparkle, including the hair spray.

Thus, lets start with eyes ( just to save the fall out dilemma ) and get some glitter up in here and although I may be caught out for cheating right now, I think we should stick with the high street and give the Collection Glitter Liners their annual appearance. Of course, you need to be patient with this product, but the results are worth while ( ask the X-Factor Team ). Finish off with a lick of eyeliner and bronzer in the crease.

For foundation you will need to go full coverage if you are not blessed in the complexion department and pull out all the stops. I would opt for my current favorite, Dior Star, but any product that gives you confidence is going to do the job.  To get that star glow follow-up with a dash of blusher such as Coralista by Benefit and lashings of Tanya Burr’s Picnic in The Park.

Soap & Glory’s Brow Archery

1If you’ve been hanging around these parts for a whole then you will know that my passion is brows. I have been through countless Rimmel Brow pencils, and Sleek kits in my time, so much so you don’t need to hear any more about them (for now…). However, when it came round to replacing my holy grail products I cheated and went with the product I was lusting after, the Soap & Glory Brow Archery and I am over the moon!

The gadget has a waxy texture that sets everything in place without creating a drawn on feel. The tip of the nip leaves you with a natural scribble with enough pigment to make a difference. But here is a crazy statement, I think I’d rate this over my other products! I don’t think any other product can give me more precision than this Archery pencil – even if the colour is a tad too light on me.

Things To Do Before Christmas Is Over



1. Go To a Christmas Markets. I have been fortunate to witness these markets in my home town and also London (however I would recommend avoiding London if you hate crowded spaces). But there is something magical about having a walk around in the dark drinking hot chocolate with your friends.

2. Go Ice Skating in London! I have seen three pop up ice rinks in zone one recently on my travels. Although the ring in White City would be your best bet, the beautiful building that is Somerset house has a rink up, and why would you not want to dance in the fashion hub.

3.  Watch Elf. Enough said.

4. With Christmas coming its time to have a tidy out. Every year since I was around 6 or 7 I would clear out my Bedroom and decide what I didn’t need any more to make space for something new. To this day I still do this on a regular basis (with so much makeup I don’t have too much room for anything else) and give away anything suitable to Children in need; such as hospitals and orphanages.

5. Going to a Christmas concert is always great fun. Well for me it is, and it’s an experience for you. Because, good ol’ Mrs Golding plays for several wind and brass bands my Dad and I get the duty of being groupies and filling up seats. Although I am pretty sure I have heard every Christmas Carol from every formation of players there could be, you can never beat live music.

The Weekend Post: Girl Online Review


Why is it that whenever I go to take a photo all my camera batteries are dead so I have to rely on google. However, the picture above is beautiful so thank you Vintage Trills (I managed to trace you back).

Of course this review has been a long time coming, but with all the Hysteria surrounding the book over the past few weeks, I thought I would stay clear until it’s died down. I tend to be a sucker for Young Adult books – online because I still wish to believe in romance – so when Zoe’s debut novel was announce I pre ordered it in a flash.

When it arrived on my doorstep ( well, I ran out to the postman on launch day ) just in time to head to work, It was no surprise I had finished the novel with in 24 hours. I got hooked on the story line, wanted to be best friends with the characters, and even expected to fall into the arms of a rock star that day.

I don’t wish to give the story line away so I am going to just say a few things. Get the book. Read it. Then book a flight to New York and take me with you! If you fancy getting your hands on a signed copy of this book, I am giving one away on my YouTube Channel so make sure you head over.

p.s. Just to get my two cents in, If I was approached with the opportunity to write a book I would take it too. Everyone needs a helping hand in life, and after working in and out of journalism, ghost writers tend to get their moment in many of the industry top sellers.


#CountdownToChristmas: Festive Drinks


How could we get this far into December without me mentioning Hot Chocolate? During the Christmas season you’ll tend to find me in Marks and Spencer’s warming up – more than my regular weekly visit for a cake – because of their festive syrups. I have been a huge fan (thanks to costa) of Peppermint Hot Chocolate for the past few years, but after a long day last year Sparks introduced me to an Orange Hot Chocolate. It taste exactly how you think it would, like Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Unfortunately for Starbucks, I am a not a Coffee person and Costa have the upper hand when it comes to the craft that is a Hot Chocolate. After testing all but one syrup, I can safely say that you MUST try an Orange, Peppermint, Gingerbread and Hazelnut Hot drink if you can.  And, of course, I have managed to think of a DIY alternative for when I’m at home ( even though I now own bottles of Syrups) so here goes:


Flavoured Chocolate Bar (Aero, Chocolate Orange, Snickers) Hot Chocolate Powder, Milk (or Soya) and toppings.


1. Break up your chocolate bar into your mug.
2. Warm up the Milk over the stove until it starts to bubble, but before it forms a skin.

3. Slowly pour the milk into your mug, stiring along the way to melt the chocolate.

4. Have a quick taste test, and if it isn’t chocolaty enough, add some Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate Powder.

5. Now garnish away!! I love some Soya Cream and Hundred & Thousands.

Whats your favourite drink?

Spa London Midas Touch Pamper Party

I am never going to turn down a pamper session. Fact. But when I get the opportunity to share the experience with other  bloggers I’ve never met before to talk about beauty all day, it couldn’t be better.

Spa London have just launched their Gold Signature Treatment and range just in time for Christmas. The 90 minute deluxe treatment (£70) begins with an all-over body scrubincluding foot ritual use Gold products – followed by a deep tissue massage with Thai herb compresses and lymphatic drainage movements (I know it sounds complicated but it feels great!). You’re then rubbed with Gold body oil until you’re ready to fall asleep. I can honestly say that this feels amazing and you will be booking your next treatment in before you’re even got dressed.

If you fancy, you can also buy all these products if you wish to treat you’re lady (or yourself) from Spa London, ranging from £15 to £25.

An RMK Christmas


First off lets acknowledge the Elephant in the room – I’ve been away from the PC. If you follow me on Twitter you would know I have recently started a new job, and thus it being 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday gig I have had to take a few days to find my feet, get comfortable and figure out where I left my laptop.

Anyway, with that out-of-the-way (and fingers crossed you’ve forgiven me) its time to get back to what I do best… Talk about makeup.

Over the past five or so weeks, I have witnessed and swatched my fair share of seasonal launches. However, after being snowed under with stocking fillers, glam perfumes and every gift you can think of in between, nothing caught my attention like RMK. RMK is a brand that you may or may not have seen creeping around on BBE before and they have enough Organic products to keep all the women in my life happy.

The Manhattan Collection (featured above)  is a four piece set consisting of an Eyeshadow quad, Blush and B duo, a fabulous lip gloss and a perfect nude nail polish. Everything is full of glitter – the way christmas should be – which can be slightly off-putting I’m not going to lie, however you do warm to glitz when you pair the products with a full coverage base, and basic eyes. The value of the set if £29.50, however you can grab this lot for £49.00 Selfridges.

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