The Most Sought After Lip Combo: Kylie Jenner

IMG_2584 Kylie Jenner is a trend, but her lips, her lips are on another level. For month’s now all I have seen on blogs, YouTube and online media hubs, is tips on how to recreate Kylie Jenner’s 90’s lip. With all the tips and trick stored in my brain, It wasn’t until I headed into MAC to have a snoop that the desire to own and recreate the lip on myself. This wasn’t because I wanted to look on trend, but because after hearing both the Lipliner and Lipstick were in stock (after being sold out for weeks) I didn’t want to be left behind.

According to MAC and a lot of online guru’s, the most sought after lip combo, is Soar Lipliner and Velvet Teddy Lipstick. The brown hued products leave a matte finish, allowing you to recreate and accentuate your natural lip line.

Starting off by drawing my desired lip shape, I colour in the whole of my lip with the Soar lip pencil to create a base for the lipstick. I have been tempted on a number of occasions to leave the look here, as the Lipliner itself accomplishes to job. However, because I’ve got the lipstick I just swipe it on over the top, bloat then take a selfie.

For a more affordable option, I have gone in with Bourjois Lipstick in 01 which is a really close dupe (an even looks a little better) for MAC Velvet Teddy before.



A brow gel is that product we usually all forget, but wish we had because it’s so god damn necessary. For years I have always used trusty old clear mascara, and although it does the job, I find my brows get ‘crusty’ throughout the day. The same way foundation oxidises the longer you wear it, clear mascara gets hard and flakey. Due to this issue, I moved onto using the tinted wax that comes in my brow palettes, however, they aren’t handy if all you want is   a quick brush up before heading out. Brow dilemma or what?!

I have been using this Clear Brow Gel from RMK for a few weeks now. I have heard and used RMK before, as one of the first Make-up Artists I assisted for work was a huge fan of their Foundations. I’m not sure how much there is to say on the brow matter other than, this product stays clear, doesn’t oxidize or get ‘crusty’ and it does the grooming job like a pro.

You can pick this product up from Look Fantastic for £20.00

Keeping Spots A Bay During Winter


During the Winter months, the battle for clear skin continues. After having some pot luck with my skin during Summer, I want to continue keeping breakouts at bay without putting in to much effort in. I think I may have found the product -Quinoderm.

Initially, while I was having some great skin days, it was Luke who formed a relationship with this Quinoderm Fash Wash. Luke’s suffered from severe acne since I can remember, so when I noticed his skin was clearing up -while mines was getting normal breakouts- I dropped everything, grabbed the bottle and washed my face.

I have now been using this face wash for over a month, and apart from the expected breakouts that always rear their heads when you switch over skincare products, I take pleasure in reporting Quinoderm does it’s job well. Taking a 10 pence size of the blue liquid on my hand, I massage this into my face while in the shower and rinse it off. Due to the products minimal foaming effects, I find that my face doesn’t feel as tight after washing, like all the oils have been stripped.

The only compliant I have is the packaging. The paper label just rubs away in the shower, and squeezing the product out when you’re near the end is a little tricky. However, for £3.49 I’m more concerned about the product than the packaging, and the product is good.

Things To Do Now Its Finally Autumn

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Forget Winter, Autumn is the new black. For some reason, everyone (including myself) is in love with the idea of cold weather, early evenings and a pumpkin spiced latte. I’m sure its just because we live in the UK and cold is the only thing we know. However, there are a few rituals that have to be done before the short season ends.

First off, you need to get yourself down to Lush. October marks the moment when all beauty fanatics, and even occasionally bath users await the Halloween and Christmas Lush collections. I’m not sure what it is, but when I see the first Winter Lush haul on YouTube or an Instagram snap of a Christmas Penguin, I go crazy. This year we have the return of old favourites that have had a dusting, but also some new swirling bath bomb and bubble bars.

Something I find relaxing is going outside. In other seasons, I just like to pop along to the sea (it’s about a two-minute walk), sit on the sea wall, and just chill. Autumn seems to change that, and small adventures get me buzzing. Long walks around my local trail, trips to castles round London and even walking around the park- you can paint the picture- are always on my Sunday to do list.

Even if you’re not planning to enter a Conker competition, you need to pick a couple up. It was around three weeks ago I spotted my first one, and after kicking it along the length of the road, I scooped it up and it is now pride of place on my mantel piece til Winter comes along.

Go to your local firework displays. In Southend when November comes around we have a beautiful display every Saturday night along the seafront. Now, even though Fireworks make me jump out of my skin, feel uncomfortable and panic all of that is lost when you have your friends around you, a hot chocolate and you’re fixated on the colours. Bonfire night is the perfect excuse to attend or have your down display.

The last thing anyone wants to hear me say -but I need to- is that it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. I know, I know, it’s only October but before you know it, in two weeks It’s November, then December. Every year I tend to do my Christmas shopping early (It’s a habit I’ve picked up from my Nan) and getting in before the crowds may mean you miss out on some great deals, but you can enjoy December for it’s celebrations without panicking.

Psyche Clothing: I Am The Muscle Man


Before a few weeks back I and never heard of Psyche Clothing, but after kindly being sent this Cartoon Muscle Man Crop Top, I have now made one too many purchases online. Making its way as a hub for designer clothes, Psyche Clothing house over 150 designers at great prices.

The Muscle Man Top you see featured above, has been on an adventure since we first met. As a crop top, this garment can be spruced up for events when partnered with a midi skirt, or make the perfect partner in crime at the gym due to its light weight fabric.

The T-shirt itself is a cream speckled design. With folded up sleeves, you get just enough elbow coverage to deem this and all year round piece -and it makes it perfect for layering. The printed Muscle Man transfer is bold, bright, unique and durable (I’ve washed this top over 30 times and it hasn’t faded yet).

I tend to style this crop top, with high wasted jeans for and every day style. Or if I need to spruce myself up and look presentable, partner it with my Royal Blue Midi Skirt and blazer. However, if I fancy a chuckle to myself while doing weight training and the gym, I pop this Tee on over my sports bra and get to work -I’ve been known to get a few glances from others.

3 more Inches, Leave in Treatment Review

IMG_2460 IMG_2463

I have always dreamt of long, flowing hair just like the girls in the movies. Even when I was younger I was always challenged with my afro, crisp dry hair. I am constantly looking for help when it comes to keeping my hair in tip top condition, and also anything to help it grow. I have tried a million and one high-end and high-street products, so when I was asked if I wanted to try another lifesaving product, I continued my quest.

Michael Van Clarke’s 3 More Inches range claim to ‘naturally rebuild every strand for longer, stronger, younger-looking hair’. That’s a lot to claim and live up to, but filled me with hope. With a rather average price tag of £19.50 compared to his hefty shampoo & conditioner prices, this is sure something I’d have to fall in love with to repurchase (hint: I did).

Applied to towel dry hair after the shower, I spray the 3 More Inches Treatment onto the ends of my hair, and comb through with my trusty Wet Brush. The spray bottle allows you to apply this product however you feel comfortable- either straight onto the hair, or into the palm of your hand.

I have been using this product for near enough a month now and although I didn’t wake up looking like Rapunzel the next morning, the condition of my hair drastically changed within hours. Seeing as I let my hair dry naturally as much as possible, it took my a few hours to see the results. My damaged, brittle hair looked like I had spent a good half a day at the salon receiving a restorative treatment. The instant glow it gives your hair fills you with confidence that this product works.

Seeing as I have medium length hair (chest length), and I have been using this product every 2 days for nearly 4 weeks, you’d assume I’d nearly be running out. Oh no! I have barely made a dent in the treatment, meaning this is great value for money. I am very tempted by a few other products in the Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches range now, and I’m sure there will be a order on it’s way soon.

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