Recent Bites: Lots and Lots of Food

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Since I’ve bought my new camera all I seem to do is find every excuse under the sun to take pictures of my favorite thing - food. My relationship with food has developed a lot since January. I am no longer a boring vegetarian sticking to salad’s and soups for 3 meals a day, I seem to be dragging myself out to restaurants, experimenting with  flavors and unconventional ingredients.

Here are a few – too many – pictures of my food adventures and all I can say is that Wagamama’s & Wachaca are the best restaurants around. Also mushrooms make everything better!

Farmers Market’s To Must Visit In 2015


It’s no secret I love food (all you have to do is scroll through my Instagram and Twitter) it really is the way to my heart. One thing I adore more than anything else is fresh produce, if I could live on a farm and produce all my own products I would so Farmer’s Market’s are my haven. This year I want to visit:

1. Borough Market – London
2. BarleyLands – Essex
3. Stroud – Gloucestershire
4. Winchester – Hampshire
5. The Good’s Shed – Canterbury

New In: The Bookshelf

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It comes as no surprise seeing as may as well get the award for biggest party girl in Essex – sarcasm – that on average I buy three books a month so I can spend my nights reading up on how to conquer the world. Fiction books have never appealed to me in comparison to auto-biography’s and history books for some reason and last month I worked my way through these four beauties.

In My Shoes is a book all about the founder of Jimmy Choo. These books always inspire me to work hard and aim big which is why I think I enjoy them so much. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend reading this at night, because I warn you now, you will want to get shit done.

Even though I picked up Not That kind of Girl in October last year I didn’t get around to reading it until recently. Lena Dunham’s writing and stories sooth all your teenage regret and anxiety so you can; sit back, laugh at yourself and learn a few life lessons.

Yes Please is just like Not That Kind of Girl filled with stories about work, sex, relationships and children. Once again, there is nothing like seeing the positive in a bad situation.

Deliciously Ella is the best cookbook on the market and after reading and referring to this book like it’s a bible, I have enough raw, free-from products in my fridge to keep me going til Summer and I’ve already invited my friends round for a dinner party.



Thoughts: You Learn Something New Everyday




The past week has felt like I have been thrown back into high school against my will. Emotions, drama and not enough work - I feel like I’m doing my GCSE’s all over again.

When you’re stuck not knowing whether you’re coming or going you can’t help but learn lessons along the way or whats the point. There has only been one point this week I have felt like I could figure out everything I needed to and that was half way up a wall when I was praying I could continue climbing into the clouds and grab a cup of tea (so I suppose I’m back at square one).

This week has reminded me that:

- With a touch of make-up and your invisible armour you can get through the day.
– Your friends are more valuable than anyone else, because they’ll give it to you straight then wipe away your tears.
– Mom jeans were made for me.
– Sometimes you just have to be selfish and not think about the consequences.
– Exercise makes you feel invincible.

Home: Interior Design Inspiration #1


In an attempt to push myself towards to firmly signing the contract to a new home I decided to start creating moodboard’s of my goals regarding interior designing. Because I like to make the most of everything; space, fabric, storage, I am always feeling inspired because to me there is nothing like a clean, opened planed house.

The one thing I have my heart set on is a fire-place. In a perfect world I would have a log burner in the front room and bedroom just so I was always toasty warm, but for now the front room will do. Every house or flat I have browsed has had this beautiful feature – I’m completely smitten.

In both the bedroom and front room I plan to have a lot of grey and white furniture. This colour scheme all blossomed from my dream rug and love for bright spaces. The use of wire feature chairs is something I believe would work well with the few pieces I have already purchased for my property and help to give the illusion of a large room.

Expect to see more interior design and home ware hauls over the next few months.

The Mid-Week Pick Me Up’s


- I’m not a morning person, but I am a Tea person. 

I am sitting here typing surrounded my a strong black coffee, a can of red bull  and enough packets of sweets to feed an army just to get me to mid-day. This is a common date in my diary, there is just something about Thursdays that I just can’t manage. So to fool everyone into thinking I have a) made and effort and b) am awake enough to do my job efficiently I constantly turn to these four products.

There is just something about slapping on  good layer of high-end foundation that makes a day instantly better. YSL’s Touche Eclat Foundation is my old favorite and no-matter how many other products I try I seem to fall back into its arms. This product leaves you with a dewy finish, with high coverage and great staying power - everything you need.

To fake the natural glow you need two tools. The first; a good brightening powder – this RMK one looks perfect swept under the eyes to set concealer. The second is your most trusted highlighter; for me this is MAC’s Superb Highlighter that was (as far as I am aware) a limited edition product. To awaken your look simply place your highlight on the tops of your cheek bones, your inner corner and your cupids bow.

Finally, I’ve mentioned this trick a million times and there is only one man for the job. Mac’s Pink Pearl Pop is the only product that can take you from drab to fab in a matter of swipes. A touch of lipstick and everyone assumes you’re ready for business, plus the bolder the better (it gives more impact).

Why I’ve Decided Not To Attend London Fashion Week AW15

83e185f0fc10756daf9271d7de671b93- Buy well, choose less & make it last … Vivienne Westwood 

After a lot of thinking, and emailing to third parties offering my seats to friends, I have decided not to go to London Fashion Week. I know this is a huge Marmite situation in the blogging and media industry – I mean people would give anything to be offered tickets and there is good old me turning them down – but I just can’t bring myself to taking on the stress load that comes with Fashion Week.

I have been going to London Fashion Week for six seasons now, and I’m pretty sure it’s not the buzz that has worn off - I mean who is ever going to get bored with rifling through the Make-Up Artist’s kit backstage or watching next season trends revel themselves live for 2 minutes at a time – it’s my persona that’s changed.

Fashion Week may seem like a breeze from the outside but there seems to always be a constant  battle between attendee’s about whose horse is bigger than whose - If you get the Princess Diaries quote, then please give yourself a gold star. If it’s not about what shows you’re going to, it’s about how many photographers have street styled you or what gift giving you have been too… the list just goes on.  This didn’t seem like such a problem when I was working as a Make-Up Artist full-time and I was used to networking, and pitching myself to everyone and anyone, but I’ve gotten to the point where I am more comfortable not doing that.

I think people forget that the main aim of the shows are to sell clothes to buyers rather than getting the best coverage or the most amount of people in one room at once. You do get blogger invites from official sponsor’s (especially Maybelline) so you can test out and showcase new seasonal products as these trends will influence what the high-street release in later months, but apart from that if you’re not there to buy or work press then you’re better off sitting FROW in your living room with a cup of tea and your Macbook.

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