The Celebrity: This Weeks Best Dressed #5 EMMA WATSON

emma-watson-in-giambattsita-valli-jbrand-paris-couture-fashion-week-aw14MAIN-emma-watsonEmma Watson has been doing a good job at keeping out of the limelight – minus her Noah debut earlier this year, for around 3 days- for a while now, leading a fairly ‘normal’ life behind the scenes. But last week Emma stood out from the crowd at Couture Fashion Week looking absolutely stunning (if I do say so myself) in the FROW.


Sticking to a minimalist black wardrobe, Emma decided to wear a uniform of the designers clothes to each show. Going from a beautiful black Dior gown, to a sexy lace two piece then, finishing up with a suit, It is clear that black is back.

Being a natural beauty, Emma kept her make-up fairly simple, like always (I wish I looked that good in the morning). With a sheer coverage base, expected from something like a BB Cream, bold -Cara D esk- brows and her trusty mascara, Emma was a natural beauty.

Achieving Emma’s Couture look couldn’t be easier. Firstly; locate your inner biker chic, mines currently sorting through various pairs of ripped skinny jeans, grab a snickers bar – you’re going to need some nuts for the next step- and keep your face as make-up free as possible, opting for a dab of concealer and mascara.

The £7 Elizabeth Arden Dupe


With a spare few minutes on my hands while working, I started pursuing the shelves of boots for some good deals – I do this a lot when it’s quiet…sssh. It didn’t take me long to spot this fella, as  I love a good all round i-do-everything product.

The Sanctuary Spa 7 Day Moisture Miracle Oil Balm (that’s a mouthful to say!) is a thick balm, targeted to hydrate your skin for a whole week. Containing a blend of oils and beeswax this product slowly releases is hydrating and healing properties over slowly, making it perfect to help protect and speed along the bodies natal recovery process.

You can use this product pretty much anywhere that takes your fancy, arms, hands, lips, cuticles etc etc, because even though the texture is a thick balm, it turns into a rich oil on contact with you natural body temperature. You really only need a tiny amount to get the job done.

This product is perfect right now for summer. You can use this to help you along with the odd sunburn, cuts from the ‘sandy’ UK beaches (only joking, we all know they are like rubble) and any moments you need a little helping hand before someone snaps a holiday pic.

Moisturiser: The Secret To Being Lazy

Moist1It is hard enough getting ready in the morning as it is, achieving the perfect balance between extra time in the pillow department & the re-inactment of WW1 in the bathroom before work, we  (I may just be talking about myself here, I don’t know) have time for any extra steps in our routine.

Moisturising, for me, has always been on the down low. I may remember to slap some good stuff on my face from time to time; but when it comes to my body, well I just neglect it. Over the past month the Industry has bombarded me with quick, ‘easy’ methods to make sure my skin gets the TLC it recommends, and still allows me to hit snooze on the alarm.

In Shower Moisturiser Creams were the first I heard about these type of ‘lazy’ products on the market. This product is your last stop before the cold air hits home, applying just before you hop out, and everything is done. I wouldn’t say - if you’re feeling up to the challenge- this is a substitute for deep moisturising creams, because its not, it is your quick replacement for days you just need to dash out the door. It takes less than 2 minutes to rub this all over, rinse off and jump out, leaving you all smooth.

Developing from spray on suntan creams, the industry finally hit the nail on the head with using the same concept for moisturisers. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month or so, I am pretty sure you have seen a Vaseline advert -between your Saturday night trash TV- but now other brands are latching on and treating  you with their own formulas. With spray on options now expanding to brands such as St Ives, Coco Formula and Garnier, I am sure your favourite brand will have their own soon enough. Giving you a light coverage, this moisturiser is something you need to work with to get your style. You can either spray and go, or spray and quickly rub in, but either way it drys within seconds so you can go rush out the door.

So whither you’re traveling, trying to prolong that summer tan or just hide away those nasty bits, why not give it a go? Ranging from £2-£4 its worth having a nose around your local store and see what deals they may have.

The Edit: It’s Getting Longer

IMG_8863Me and my hair have a hate-hate relationship. We just don’t get along. From my childhood wonky-bob hair cuts, constant fights with hair straightener’s and the odd pixie cut here and there-because it was getting on my nerves- it is fair to say I never treated my hair with the love it so desperately needs.


At the beginning of the year, after a seriously bad bleach job (but ombre was so in), I cut most of my hair off , well it was all burnt, leaving me with a chin touching bob (feat. above). Since then, I have been in a mission to love and care for my hair, just so I can get back to that rib skimming length.

I went cold turkey, and have been -minus the odd celebration where straight hair was needed- for seven months. No straightening, no curling, no heat full stop. Weekly masks and regular hair cuts thrown in for added measure. And where has it got me? Bra length hair, that’s where. Bingo.

We have just passed the halfway mark for the year, and I am glad to say- although my thick, curly mess is driving me insane in the current climate- I am halfway to my goal of happy, healthy, gossip girl length hair.

You don’t get this far overnight, there is no miracle. Just hard work & determination. There have been so many moments where all I have wanted to do it chop my hair back to shoulder length, or even make it look fab by the hand of the hot iron. Patience is key, and if I have got this far not caring, I can get a little further. Why? Because next summer I am gong to have the best hair you can find in Essex.

The Video: MY PRO KIT- Most Used Prom Products

IMG_8878 IMG_8880 BaByliss Pro CurlersLee Stafford Hair SprayGot2Be Volume PowderScreenface, Concealer PaletteAmazon Blush Palette, Pixi  Lip Duo’sCollection Gel EyelinerClear Mascara 

Who doesn’t like being nosy? It seems that when it comes to my Make-Up Artist kit, everyone seems to want to know whats hidden inside. Since I have been away busy with Prom for the past month, I thought it was about time I shared with you what products have been lurking about at the top of my kit to make girls feel fabulous.

Beyond Beauty #6: Pesto, Spaceships & Nike

PestoMmm pesto. Pesto, pesto, pesto- the only food which gets me more excited than a hot man waving chocolate in my face. I have been eating this on everything this week. From toast, pizzas, onto of salads, to even eaten spoonfuls for fun- I know, it sounds gross. THE-100-1The 100 is a new show which landed on E4 last week. Me being me, or Luke being Luke in fact, have now watched the whole of season 1- ITS AMAZING. Since finishing the whole season in the space of two days , I have been searching for the book, but unfortunately it is out of stock in the UK until further notice. Hmm, do I buy it on Kindle?nike tempo shortMy Zumba teacher has been wearing some awesome shorts recently from Nike, and in true Nike addict style, I hunted a pair down in a recently shopping trip to Decathlon. In hope that summer weather may come so I have more excuses to wear them, I am now the proud owner of purple Aztec Nike running shorts. I am sure an instagram is on its way sometime soon.



From hick-hiking and dumpster-diving, to owning a multi-million dollar company, Sophia Amoruso could teach all of us a thing or two about our arses into gear. Since hearing about it’s release #GIRLBOSS, by Sophia Amoruso, the Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal (the fastest- well one of them- growing retailers in the US with a year income of well a lot more than I can write) has been at the top of my to buy, and read list, before heading on to conquer the world for a while.

Throwing you straight back into the classroom from the off, Sophia sets out telling stories of her early days ay Nasty Gal, and how it went from strength to strength (hint: ALOT of hard work, blood and tears) and dealing with competition. This book is extremly inspiring, separating the chapters about Nasty Gal with #GIRLBOSS portraits, where we get a little in site into co-workers and other industry #GIRLBOSSES (my favourite Leandra Medine from Man Repeller) you’ll want to get everything done right away.

This book really is a must read for everyone, not just women – I have a feeling my Dad would benefit from reading it as much as I have - but I do have to warn you this isn’t your bedtime read. I promise once you start reading you won’t stop, and when you do, you’ll have a list along as your arm of things you NEED to achieve before your head hits that pillow. That all being said, you still need to read it at some point or you’ll regret it.

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