The Celebrity #13 This Weeks Best Dressed Amal Almuddin


This week the gorgeous Amal Almuddin walked out with a ring on her finger declaring she was officially, finally, Mrs Clooney. How awesome! Since their engagement I have been following and hearing all about Amal online and can’t help but admire her chic style and beauty.

Amal Almuddin seems to be a simple girl, she never asks to much of her makeup. Keeping everything as o’natrual as possible, I think she is a true inspiration and role model to what girls should be wearing (the minimal -but human- the better). Amal’s makeup look reminds me of a quote I saw recently by Karl Lagerfield ‘You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans’ the simplicity of it makes it look beautiful.

This is the kind of makeup -if you haven’t guessed- I love, and love to wear. It’s perfect for work, school or running to town. All you have to do is start of with a light coverage base like Bare Minerals Bare Skin Foundation, and buff it into the skin until you’re arm aches, and it looks flawless. I’m joking about the arm thing, but seriously buff, buff, buff. Now all you have to do, to continue down the path of fabulousness, is to add a peachy Cream Bush to the apples of your cheeks, run a Spoole through your brows and finish with a touch of Mascara.

I have not met one girl yet that needs as much makeup as they think they do. Amal Almuddin is the perfect role model for Girls (myself included) to relearn how to apply makeup. There is no need to cover and change your features, when the right touches can enhance YOUR beauty, and in Amal’s case, get you your dream man.

AW14 Red Copper Eyes With The Highstreet


Here is me, risking looking like I’ve been punched in the face in red eyeshadow (well it’s more copper brown but you get the gist). After seeing Ruby Red hues taking over the catwalk in February, I really wanted to give it a go and create a wearable on trend look using high street products.

Let me start out by saying, you’re going to need a lot of clean blending brushes if you don’t want to look like you’ve been up all night crying. To avoid reflecting those red hues too much you need to create some texture on your lid. To achieve this with shadow I used two tones of shadow, one copper red and one deep purple. The deep purple shadow from the NYC palette helped to smoke up the look and also break up the copper hues. Yay no more looking like i’ve been up all night scratching my eyes out. 

There is nothing more complimentary in a Autumn/Winter look than lashings of Mascara. By using Volumising Mascara you are adding to the texture and depth of your makeup, as it coats the bottom of your lash line diffusing anything that could lead to a ‘pink eye’. I also like to add a little liquid liner to create the illusion of a fuller lash.

I’m going to leave  you with some final words of wisdom… less is more, and blending is your best friend. I recommend blending out after every step and building up your colour, rather than packing it on as quick as possible. Red shadow isn’t going to become by daily shade of choice, but by adding copper and purple hues to the mix, it defiantly restores my confidence wearing this out and about.

Products mentioned and used // NYC Quad Palette- £2.99 // Bourjois 1 Seconde Mascara- £9.99 // Rimmel Liquid Eyeliner- £5.49

p.s Im sorry for the mess in the background I was still packing for holiday- Bad blogger points for me!

The Video: Whats In My Suitcase

Once again (I know right! Even as we speak) I’m heading off around on my travels for work. This time, I am lucky enough to be working with Boohoo on their #wherewestand tour, which will be around University’s in the midlands. After getting the most amazing kit sent through from The Body Shop (p.s a huge thanks for being my nail sponser-amazing customer service) and one too many late nights at laptop club, everything is in order for me to head off and leave everything behind of or a few days. However, being the weakling I am, luggage needed to be on the small side, so I thought I’d give you a little tour around my suitcase so you can see what I pack for Six days away from home.

P.s I have to mention of course my hand luggage was booming too with the necessities… Laptop, iPad, makeup, food & enough reading material for the whole train.

Amira Pure Basmati Rice


Rice, for me, makes the perfect garnish to a side salad, or protein dish. I used to sit and eat Uncle Ben’s Rice one after the other round my Uncles, so when I was contacted to try this Pure Basmati rice to test out some recipes I had to say yes. The rice came fairly quickly in the mail, accompanied by a fact sheet & recipe card. They say you learn something new everyday, and I’m going to help you out on that… Did you know Basmati rice has to be aged before it’s sold? Traditionally the grain is cured for 9 months, but the guys at Amira go one step beyond and cured this rice for 18. What rock stars.

Anyway, enough rambling. I was sent a selection of recipes to try the rice with (you can see them here), but decided to do my own thing, as what I’m about to show you has my meal of choice for lunch on the go.

I popped a handful of rice into a pan, as I couldn’t read the cooking instructions (label error) and let it simmer with some broccoli for a good 10 minutes. Once I felt I had procrastinated enough -and the rice was cooked- I drained off the water and let it cool off. I grabbed the worlds biggest spinach leaf, placed it down like a would a Tortilla Wrap, and filled it to the brim with the rice mixture and Tomatoes. Simples.

This may sound bland, but the mixture of Broccoli Juices with the rice gives it a zinging taste, while the fluffy texture of the rice (I know I made fluffy rice-YAY) contrast against the crunch of a raw spinach leaf and sweet taste of Tomatoes. Quick and easy to get your hands on, you can pick this rice up in most Supermarkets now, and Im sure you have some Veg lying around somewhere in your cupboards you can just throw in for flavour.

Just a quick side note -as the company asked me what I thought in comparison- there is a slightly different taste to this rice than you usual Basmati rice, it’s a lot richer and I found the texture to be fluffier than most other supermarket rice’s.  You can taste and feel the difference.


The Outfit: VFNO

IMG_1408 IMG_1409

If there was an item that I never appreciated, it was a midi skirt. I had tons of midi skirts when I was eleven, not because I wore them- but because they looked nice.  Until recently all you’d ever find me in is skinny jeans, or skater skirts – cliché, I know. On a recent trip to the shops and a new take on fashion since LFW, I wanted to update my wardrobe with  key pieces, which included one Midi Skirt. Now I’m in love. I’ve worn midi skirts all week and purchased enough to start a small outfit army.

My favourite Skirt would have to be this Royal Blue one I managed to pick up (there was only one left and it was my size!). With a satin finish I can dress this piece up or down depending on the occasion. So when I was invited along to VFNO & Skeena S Launch I had to wear it! Paired with my Pastel Blue Tee Jumper from New Look and those Little Black Shoes that cause so much trouble, I felt relaxed.

The Celebrity: This Weeks Best Dress #12 Jessica Wright


I never tend to acknowledge reality TV stars  as celebrities, but lets face it they are. I have seen Jessica around a lot in September at events I have attended and also over the news (daily mail showbiz section) so I thought it was about time I supported my roots and have a chat at how to get that Essex style.

I’m going to skip the tanning step as I expect you all know that is a key feature in a TOWIE look. But, please, please, please do it right!!

With a similar style to Cheryl Cole, you need to start off with a Full Coverage Foundation. I would take a wet blending sponge and stipple your foundation to create the most natural finish you can. Once that’s all blended just go in with Concealer and finish up your base.

This look is all about the eyes, like most TOWIE girls, Jessica has gone for a smokey eye and big lashes. To create the perfect smokey eye you need to layer your products slowly. So start out by applying grey in the outer V, then add your black and brown hues until you’re happy with the intensity. To complete Jessica’s eye look, take your favourite (and most fluttery) strip lashes and stick them down, then coat a Volumising Mascara on top to help bind your lashes together.

All you need to do now is fill in your eyebrows, dust some shimmering Bronzer all over – concentrating most of the product near your hairline and jaw- and some nude gloss.

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