I have rambled on before about planning a holiday abroad; telling you all about the legal and practical aspects - feel free to catch up here. But, today I am going to be talking about those not so last-minute, last-minute feelings where you find yourself running around.

With two weeks to go til I head out to Jamaica I have found myself writing list after list of things I need to do. I just feel like there isn’t enough time left to do everything, even though I know there is plenty. Well an adequate amount. Although I am not just ready to start packing, and everyone has been paid (I’ve even ordered currency – do this now if you haven’t) there are still a few tasks left that just can’t wait, so I thought once again I’d share them with you:


If you have any tips of your own please feel free to comment them down bellow, because you just can’t plan enough can you?



When I booked this Holiday to Jamaica It didn’t occur to me how much I really needed to knuckle down and do until last month. With all my projects going on I have pushed all thoughts of getting outside to waddle round the shops, thus finding myself repeatedly placing online orders for the odd items. It turns out that the odd £25 here and there can add up to a rather large haul!

It’s no secret that I am a rather large fan of fashion (I may not be the most stylish lady around, but I sure know how to buy the trends.) so I have tried to take into consideration that I am already swamped by fabric.


Forever 21 // New Look



When you saw that I would be listing the top five must see Netflix shows, I’m 100% sure that you thought Orange Is The New Black and Breaking Bad would be popping up to remind you that you just haven’t managed to ‘get into‘ them. Now, don’t get me wrong both those programs have got me through a Friday night alone – but sometimes you just want to sit down and watch some ‘real life’.

Netflix is a great hub for movies and American TV, but also Documentaries. I’ve rounded up the best programmes that will; motivate you, make you cry, think and change your career for the better. It’s time to grab your notebook and be prepared to get down to business. I’d also recommend a coffee as you will be needing it.

Chasing Beauty was the first show that came to mind when I started planning this post. This documentary explores the ‘ugly’ and physiological side of the beauty industry by talking to some of the most well-known faces in the modelling industry. It’s a true confidence booster.

Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy is such a brilliant motivational film for you self-employed folk who are always fighting the market. Apple employees share first hand experiences of the companies rise and fall . Giving you insist into how Steve Jobs accomplished the empire he was after.

Ted Talks stick by their mantra ‘ideas worth spreading’ and bring their best talks on economy, medicine and everything in between to Netflix.

The September Issue transports you behind the scenes into fashion’s most sort after magazines biggest issue. Join Anna Wintour with your notepad to get a glimpse into how Vogue’s 2007 September issue came to be printed.

Project Wild Thing will inspire you to spend less time scrolling through Facebook, and more time doing everything else. Disturbed by his kids’ reliance on electronics, a dad appoints himself nature’s marketing director and launches a campaign to get children outside.




This week I managed to persuade Abbi to jump on the train with me to good old Shoreditch for the Bloggers Fashion Week event’s. Hosted by my friends at Bloggers Hub, the evening was jam-packed with makeup, brands, photographers and enough cupcakes to fill a bus (oh yes, we had the Afternoon Tea Bus Tour there).

Overall the evening was a success. It took a lot of pep talking for me to get there and do my thing for a few hours, but Abbi got me there and I couldn’t be more grateful. I managed to communicate with some upcoming and also established brands on the market,  get the load down on even more Autumn/Winter trends and even got to play dress up.

Of course there were a few blogger perks so I will be testing and reviewing the products in the next couple of weeks so let’s forget out that for now. Plus we also went for a sneaky shop at Westfields on the way home so I am sure there will be another Holiday Haul on the cards too. But for now I’ll get back to work, while you scroll though all these photos.


IMG_3397 IMG_3401

What is a Shopping trip without a Lush Haul?

It was inevitable that when Abbi and I even made the decision to head to our local shopping center to pick up some holiday bits that we would end up in Lush. In fact we had already started planning what we wanted to purchase on the car ride there. I just can’t get over how perfect a Lush bath is after a long week at work served with a large cup of tea. I know you’re agreeing.

I picked up a few old favourites; The Olive Branch, Honey Bee & Space Girl but also managed to by swayed into picking up (Abbi didn’t have to try hard) a few cheeky extra products. Consequently Yuza & Coca Bubbleroon could just be my new favourite bath product - it’s shaped like a macaroon, smells like a macaroon, the only downside is that it isn’t a macaroon.

But, what I really want to speak to you about today (I promise I’m not just telling you to go place an online order) is their Spa. Yes. Lush have a Spa! I am glad to see that after getting their foot firmly into the cosmetics industry, that they have started to bring their vegan products into the spa industry too. Lush offer eight one hour treatments, taking you in with open arms to some guilt free pleasure where you can relax and you can keep the products afterwards.

I may or may not have a post about the spa on it way soon, because it may happen to be Abbi’s birthday and what is a better present then one I can tag along to? So keep your eye’s peeled for some treatment reviews.



Thunder Thighs. We’ve all called them that, we’ve all looked in the mirror and thought it, so why not change it? Your inner Thigh muscles are the hardest to train, but with enough effort, some good food and about 10 minutes of your time a day, you can rectify your insecurities and slim down your legs.

I’ve sifted through the internet for the best inner Thigh workouts to bring you my ultimate workout videos for us girls on the go who barely even get 5 minutes to themselves, let alone 10 to complete a short workout.

To make the most out of your day – and also workout- , I recommend laying out your yoga or workout mat the night before. Doing this will make it a lot easier in the morning when you’ve set that alarm 15 minutes earlier than usual to scroll through Instagram, jump out of bed and chug a glass of water before you give these workouts a go.

So ladies & gentlemen get your YouTube playlist updated with the three best inner thigh workouts the internet has to offer you.

Summer body here I come.

3 Beauty Bloggers That’ll Inspire Your Natural Beauty


Everyone here knows I believe wearing less makeup benefits you more. In the Beauty Blogging industry it is easy to want to test try to wear all the new releases on the market just so you feel beautiful and fit in. There are three ladies that I personally look up to in this industry that promote a ‘natural’ fuss beauty look while using and chatting daily about beautiful products. So rather than keeping these goldmine beauty bloggers to myself I thought It was about time I shared them with all of you.

Vivianna Does Makeup//Hello October//Lydia Elise Millen

These ladies are all more -what I would class as-  lifestyle bloggers now than beauty bloggers yet they still incorporate beautiful products, make-up tips and behind the scenes beauty trends from the catwalk. Yet their straight talking, honest, and simple beauty blogging will have you admiring yourself in a whole new light.

So grab yourself a cup of tea, sit down with your laptop and munch your way through their blogs (and a packet of biscuits).

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