IMG_9104This title may be a tad mis-leading. I have in fact owned two pairs of Welly Boot’s before now (A child’s pair & a blue dotty pair when I was a teenager). However, I have never purchased them myself before.

You’d think with a lifestyle like mine where I am trekking all over fields and farms, that I would already own a pair of Wellington Boots. But I am just sheer lazy and steal my families when I need to jet out (I wrecked my step-mums last pair- opps).

The weather has been turning in the UK over the past week, and with Reading Festival in sight and my local fields covered in mud, I thought it was about time I invested in a pair. I was roaming Tesco on my lunch break last week and spotted these tropical style boots and picked them up without thinking. I am really not fussy what they look like, they’re only going to get messy.

I have to say, I have road tested them - and when you read this post I will be out gallivanting in them- and they aren’t to shabby. I did buy them in a bigger UK foot size just because I love to keep my feet warm with hiking socks, but for £13 they do the job and I am now the proud owner of Welly Boots. Now I just need more excuses to wear them.

The Edit: Festival Friendly Skincare Stash

IMG_9124 IMG_9125

Hello, and welcome to the first (of many) Reading Festival posts- I apologise in advance. I am pretty sure it comes as no surprise to you that I am heading away for five days working at Reading Festival (I’ve mentioned it enough), but with high maintenance skin to deal with, going away isn’t that easy.

I am a huge fan of skincare products, yet I have so much trouble with them. After years of trying to find the best skincare routine for me, I always get nervous going away as I can’t take everything with me. For the low standards of festival life, I think I may have gone over the board packing my ‘essentials’, however, I am pleased to say I think I have got it just right.

Like any other festival goer, I have traded in my cream cleanser for make-up wipes, but don’t worry I have also popped some Bioderma in a travel bottle so all is not lost. I will be opting for Bioderma over wipes. I couldn’t part from my two main skincare savours; my betrothed La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo and  the skincare God that is Origins Make A Difference + Cream, which is perfect for getting my skin out of messy situations.

For good measures I have also popped in my Origins Charcoal Mask - for those inevitable breakouts- some MAC Hydrating Eye Cream (I can’t be dealing with under eye circles), a few too many lip balms -of course- and Savlon Cream. Why Savlon? Because I am bound to cut myself somehow, we all know how clumsy I am but also it is perfect for nasty breakouts.

I think I have just packed about enough to keep my skin in its element and hopefully removes that dreaded post-festival skin rebellion.

The Celebrity: This Weeks Best Dressed #8: Natasha Hamilton


Natasha Hamilton is stirring up a storm in the media recently chatting about placenta’s, and all things baby. However, we need to stop talking about that and start talking about her style. Back in the day Natasha, along with the rest of the 1990′s gang, had bad fashion sense. But in recent years, the Atomic Kitten star has transformed into a red carpet beauty.

Taking on a traditional red carpet red lip, Natasha Hilton couldn’t have looked better this week. I have always been a huge fan of the red lip -It’s where my lipstick obsession started, sorry Mum- but some many girls get it wrong. With a million undertones to pick from, Natasha hit the spot by opting for the perfect cool toned red, which complimented her pale complexion and brightened her teeth.

Letting her freckles show through, Natasha paired her statement lip with a light dewy base, Revlon Nearly Naked foundation would be perfect for this look, and well coated lashes (I’m pretty sure they aren’t real). She really did find make up  equilibrium.

This style of make up is always on trend. With Celebrities flipping coins over whether to go for statement eyes or lips, I can promise you that you’ll never go wrong with a good lipstick by you side. It is also to be expected that with winter closing in, (I can’t believe I ing in August but have you stepped outside recently!) that we will see bolder and darker lipsticks sneaking in being paired with AW14 trends.

So whose up for some lipstick shopping? *me me me*

Product Review: GOSH Giant Blusher


When I received the most recent GOSH collection in the mail, there was one product that caught my eye. I had seen this Giant Blusher out on the town (well internet) which influenced this post here. With great reviews it wasn’t long before I had unwrapped the packing and smothered this all over my face.

Dubbed as the high-street alternative to Clinique’s Colour Crayons for Cheeks. You’ve got  a product which leaves you with a dewy (hard to believe it) cream to powder finish in one swipe. A huge shout out to the bullet applicator. The cream allows just enough time to blend any harsh lines before settling down for the night (I’m being serious this stuff is hard to budge).

This particular blusher (I should mention there are four shades available) leaves a more ‘windswept’ tone to my cheeks, offering the perfect combination of peach and nude. This makes it the perfect product to roll around the bottom of my bag, ready for those top up moments, during the transitional season.

If you have a moment, and you find yourself in Superdrug (it’s not sold online- boo), go and have a little swatch because you may just be as impressed. When it comes to blusher I am a hard one to impress, but this my friends… this is a keeper (it even made it into my muji storing).

The Edit: If It Isn’t Broken, Don’t Fix It

Everyone and their mum seemed obsessed over Bioderma back in the day. Well less than 365 days ago. But, with  the rise of high street Micellar Water and the complex missions you have to go on to hunt down Bioderma, everyone seems to be swapping. Like a few others, I have had my affair with these younger, easier models - I’m looking in your direction L’oreal- but all I can keep thinking is ‘don’t fix (or in this case change) something that isn’t broken.

When my father told me he was jetting of the France, the first thing that spilled out of my mouth was ‘please get me some Bidoerma’. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted more. I can’t get enough.

What makes Bioderma stand out from the rest, is it just gets my skin. Simply squeezed onto a cotton pad, I get guided into cleansed skin without worrying about the aftermath (we all know the Origins story). Being a product that is hypoallergenic and good at its job, this product has been kit approved, and I won’t be straying away anytime soon.

Sometimes, some thing are worth the hassle. Or in this cause the hunt. I could never have imagined two years ago when I first laid eyes on this product, I’d still be courting it today.

Beyond Beauty #10: The Expendables 3


The Expendables 3. We all got excited when we saw the trailer online, but I can’t be the only one out there who thought ‘oh god why are they making another film.’ Dressed up like an 80′s pop song with one to many cheesy one liners, The Expendables 3 is very similar to Expendables 2, which was just a reflection of the Original. However, with an invite to go and see the movie, I couldn’t resist sitting down with a box of popcorn and checking out the eye candy.

The main cast, is the same. The plot, is the same. The locations, are the same. So whats new?

With our old favourites (one minute appreciation for Jason Shatham *swoon*) becoming a fraction too old for the job, a new team is flown in to take over. The fresh-faced squad brings more to the table than your traditional characters, letting modern technology give them a helping hand, However, this new refreshing style of action doesn’t last for long as our much-loved Expendables gang having one, two, maybe three final shootouts.

Apart from that (literally, a few new characters and some up to date gadgets) everything is the same old, same old. The Expendables 3 plot line is easy enough to follow (we shot things and make than explode because we can) the characters are dreamy and it keeps the boys busy for a few hours so I recommend you leave this film to them and grab the opportunity for shopping.

The Weekend Post: Moo Free Chocolate

dairy free chocolate

There are plenty of vegan and dairy free chocolates being forced on to the market, which help people like me get their chocolate fix without all the aggro of scoffing down the equivalent of a pint of milk. I stumbled upon Moo Free Chocolate when I was in my local health store picking up ice-cream, and a lady was picking some things for her children. After a natter about allergies and the best foods on the market, I picked up every flavour I could find to stuff down.

Moo Free comes in bars, East eggs (I’m thinking ahead) buttons, chips for cookies and even gift boxes and goodie bags. Is that enough variety compared to the usual brands?

I got home, and you can guess, ripped of the packaging of their original chocolate and took the taste test. Made with multi-award winning organic rice milk (thats a mouthful to get out) the fair-trade coca isn’t as sweetly enriched as your traditional Cadbury’s dairy milk, however, does stand tall in comparison to Sainsbury’s Rice Chocolate (which I pick up as much as possible).

To me, Moo Free Chocolate tastes pretty much like any rice chocolate on the market, however I think what is pulling at my heart strings, is that this is the first free-from chocolate bar I have found in a reasonable and snack size. With full bars for your pleasure and snack sizes to pop into your handbag not only do you get a diverse range of flavours from this company but they accommodate your needs better than some other free-from brands. So, for me I shall be picking this up again – especially because Boots also now stock it.

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