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Me Me Me Cosmetics. Have you heard if them? I was first introduced to this cosmetic range via Glossybox a few years back, and I’ve slowly I have built a relationship with their products. I find that not many people have heard about what Me Me Me can offer them, but as it is becoming more available on the high street, I think it’s about time I give you a shopping list.

The reason this post is going live today is actually because you can get 25% extra off all your orders (with the code loveme25) so what better time to send you off packing.

I have grown a sweet addiction to their liquid blushers range. Offering you a similar formula to Benefit, these blusher stains last all day and give you an amazing natural flush. They seriously are the perfect product to lure your Disney Princess out. I’m praying that one day I’ll look like Snow White

The product I have featured above in this post is your Naked Basics dupe. With some many neutral palettes on the market I am sure you think you don’t need a new one, however, let me persuade you that you do! I can guarantee that every time you enter Boots to swatch some products you always go for a smokey or neutral eye palette don’t worry I plead guilty too so give in to desire and pick up this as your mid-week treat.

The Edit: Metaburn Blogger Challenge


We all know I love a good gym session, working up a sweat makes my frequent trips to the kitchen to cook up a storm seem more justified. With a little too much baggage around my bottom half I accepted a challenge I wouldn’t usually take.

Metaburn Supplements contacted me with an opportunity to take up their 30 day blogger challenge. The idea being I use their supplements for 30 days, while giving a weekly update, picture and honest review of how I’m feeling throughout the whole month.

Today, dear friends, you get to see the before picture (above). I wouldn’t say I NEED to lose weight at all, but I took up the challenge to test out what would really happen if you take the supplements. These days (more so now I’m single) myself, and other women focus a lot on the way we look and worry what other people think- with this amount of media it is hard not too- so we are always trying out the best way to stay, or become, lean. These tablets are not a meal replacement, I will still be scoffing down my home cooked meals, but I’ll just be popping a blend of natural caffeine and green tea extracts twice a day.

So I guess it’s time to share my stats wight he internet. Hmm. Although I am a UK size 8-10 I currently weight (as of this morning) 144lbs with a 24 Inch waist and 34 Inch hips- you can tell where I hold the baggage.

I guess we will see next week if anything has changed. I am going away tomorrow and I know my exercise is going out the window for 5 days while I work, so I am not expecting much difference. But, we will see.




Beyond Beauty #11: Mixology Masterclass

IMG_9034 IMG_9037 IMG_9042 IMG_9060 IMG_9073 IMG_9077 IMG_9080 IMG_9082 IMG_9088 IMG_9091

Abbi and I were invited along last week by Three, the mobile network, to a cocktail masterclass. Celebrating their new FREE data roaming package – I think I need to jet off as soon as possible- we got to mix up some traditional drinks from countries that support their free data roaming package.

First up was France, and with some Baff popcorn in my bag (thank you Dad for picking some up last week), it was time to learn the art of the French Martini. The French martini takes its name from the style of drink it is, a martini, and the French spirits and liquors used. The original recipe uses only three ingredients, which gives equilibrium between the flavours. The black raspberry liquor Chambord that has hints of vanilla, which create a strong berry flavour that is complimented by a pressed pineapple juice. Or so I was told.
In the Boston Tin we added 3/4 measures of Vodka3/4 measures of Chambord liquor and 1  measure of pressed pineapple juice. Topped with ice and shaken like a Polaroid picture (I am now singing) everything was one so quickly. 

My favourite drink of the night was the ElderFlower Juelp. The origin of the Julep is based around the Middle Eastern custom of infusing mint and sugars into soft spirits. The Elderflower julep, which we made, is a modern twist on the traditional cocktails adding the Elderflower cordial  to sweeten the gin, then mint and fresh apple juice makes this bitter drink a more refreshing summer cocktail.
To make this drink (which I will be doing again) you need, 8 10 Mint Leaves1 Lemon wedge, 2 measures of Gin, 1 measure of Elderflower cordial and 1 measure of Apple juice. Chuck  all ingredients in with crushed ice then taste test to make sure you’ve got the balance. This drink is not only my favourite for the test, but also it is so effortless to throw together.

Over the course of the whole evening we threw, well I threw everyone else poured, four traditional cocktails together before we were let loose to create our own. Armed with Vodka (my favourite) the team and I made a rather lovely - if I say so myself- cocktail from 2 measures of vodka, 1 measure of Elderflower cordial, 1 measure of Apple juice and the juice from a lime for an added kick. Poured into a traditional Martini glass, rimmed with sugar and filled with blueberries, we may not have won the popularity contest with our drink, but we sure did win the taste test!

*Another huge thank you to Three & Arena Media for inviting us along*

Product Review: Greenland Fruit Emotions Hand Cream


Every year, around this time of year in fact, I start rambling on about hand cream and why it’s so important. I can’t stand the feeling of having dry hands, and with the weather turning, they’re bound to start drying out and causing trouble. So with time to prep, I’ve had a rummage through my cream draw (yes there is a draw for everything) and brought back my favourite product.

I discovered this Hand Cream back last year thanks to W7, and it became my obsession then and I am getting addicted to applying this regularly everyday again. Greenland Cosmetics are a bath and body care brand that produce natural, organic products based around fruit extracts and essential oils, so no wonder their products feel amazing.

I love the scent of this product which may partly be the cause for my constant re-applying, however the product itself leaves my hand feel rehydrated and soft. The best part (when I manage to break away from the tub) is that is provides moisture for around 4-5 hours and doesn’t get absorbed right away, annoying when you trying to text, but I can relax knowing I’m protected for a while.

Hand cream is so important for keeping your hands protected and reduce signs of ageing. So why not grab a scented bottle and smell great too!

The Weekend Post: Danish Wakeel SS15

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Fashion month is fast approaching and with two roles to cover during those 30 days, the celebrations and events have started early and I am off out swanning around stocking up on the upcoming trends for Spring/Summer 2015.

It isn’t fashion month just yet but I attended my first event last week, which was a live casting. I have always wondered what a casting is like (as I hear models talk about them all the time) but I  always vision up that Mean Girls jungle mantra in my head. After jetting along to Danish Wakeel’s live casting, I have finally been put in my place and know the score.

Danish Wakeel has years of experience when it comes to castings. Being a Model as well as a Designer he has had his fair share of the stage, and he sure knows how to run an event. Danish and his team (who again is made up of some amazing people- I was swooning) selected the girls one by one to review for, what can only be described as, the outgoing Egyptian SS15 catwalk show.

I managed to have a little chat with some of the casting girls before they went away, who all oosed this ora I could only ever hope to have. There seemed was a fine line between confidence and fear, which I never expected. I assumed all Models were unbreakable, and knew they were fabulous. But, seeing as there were over thirty girls trying out for a selection of outfits it can seem like mission impossible to walk down that runway.

The room wasn’t only filled to the brim with Models, Danish invited along Make-up Artists and other creatives to showcase themselves for the show and also the backstage drama. I have never seen, or spoken to, that many creatives in such a short space of time. But with a busy schedule I had to jet off early from the event, leaving the casting (and the after party) to the others, sitting this one out.

Danish’s show is scheduled for the opening day of London Fashion Week SS15 at the luxurious British Boutique Hotel, Kensington and I can tell you now, you need to grab yourself a seat. With lavish designs, every last detail has been planned and I am pretty sure it will be a show to remember. I am dying to go watch!


IMG_9104This title may be a tad mis-leading. I have in fact owned two pairs of Welly Boot’s before now (A child’s pair & a blue dotty pair when I was a teenager). However, I have never purchased them myself before.

You’d think with a lifestyle like mine where I am trekking all over fields and farms, that I would already own a pair of Wellington Boots. But I am just sheer lazy and steal my families when I need to jet out (I wrecked my step-mums last pair- opps).

The weather has been turning in the UK over the past week, and with Reading Festival in sight and my local fields covered in mud, I thought it was about time I invested in a pair. I was roaming Tesco on my lunch break last week and spotted these tropical style boots and picked them up without thinking. I am really not fussy what they look like, they’re only going to get messy.

I have to say, I have road tested them - and when you read this post I will be out gallivanting in them- and they aren’t to shabby. I did buy them in a bigger UK foot size just because I love to keep my feet warm with hiking socks, but for £13 they do the job and I am now the proud owner of Welly Boots. Now I just need more excuses to wear them.

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