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Fashion week has been a whirlwind of shows, interviews and after parties. Yet, one of the things I have had subscribers and friends ask me is, ‘what did you get in your gift bags?’ Being able to sit FROW is a luxury itself, but I won’t lie to you I get excited by getting goodies from the designer too (usually because they contain food and I’ve forgotten to eaten). The Palmer//Harding bag had to be my favourite one this season as a few things stood out.

Although there was no food to nibble on, I was given my fashion fix of Vita Coca Water (I got one from every show and now I have a supply to last till next season) to keep me fuelled up during the show.

Something that stood out for me in the bag was SUSANPOSNICK USB card. After creating such an elegant make up look on the models, I was glad to have a nose at her work.  Designed like a business card this memory stick was filled to the brim with her portfolio and CV.

We were lucky enough to also receive some Demeter fragrance which reflected the minimalistic theme of the show. My favourite scent has to be dust, with a sight musky smell it sits on the skin all day and reminds me of shopping in department stores. All three 30ml fragrances mirrored the collections style and vibe.

The Celebrity: This Weeks Best Dressed #11 Olivia Palermo


This weeks choice has been tough for me. With fashion month booming and London calling me everyday for the past week, I have seen some amazing style. However, one person stood out from the crowd because she didn’t fluster once under the pressure of fashion week -even with all those outfit changes.

Olivia Palermo is a celebrity who only just came on to my table after a recent magazine interview with Hello Fashion. Olivia is a beautiful lady inside and out, but her outstanding fashion sense and flawless beauty meant I had to give her a little feature.

Olivia’s makeup is never over the top. I’m not going to expect her to walk out with too much eyeliner and black lipstick. But she does keep her makeup on trend by adding a few natural beauty catwalk tricks into her routine.

To recreate her makeup look at home you’re going to have to pretend it’s still summer and dig out your light coverage, dewy -or satin, satin would look brilliant- foundation, then apply it with your fingers. Olivia always seems to have a simple flush on her cheeks (it may be natural, it may be makeup- who knows) so I recommend using a cream blush as this gives a more natural wash of colour.

Style this makeup look with a quick lick of mascara, brushed through brows and a nude lip stain.

It really couldn’t be more simple. Olivia’s style is ver Parisian Chic, so you can style this look with simple combed back hair, a top not or even leave your natural hair to run wild. However, remember you’re look won’t look as fantastic without a smile!

product recommendations:
NARS Sheer Glow, Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, Max Factor Cream Blusher, Bourjois 1 Second Mascara, Mac Creme Cup, Bourjois Nude-ist Lipstick.

New In From Bourjois


I’m a huge fan of Bourjois’ products, so I was over the moon when they decided to let me represent them as an MUA in Boots Stratford for a recent event. As part of this event I got to run along to Bourjois HQ last Friday to have a play with some new product launches and learn the nitty gritty behind the brand.

These new launches aren’t new lines, but additions to their current ranges. With new shades in their infamous Velvet Rouge Lipsticks line and some contouring siblings to their number one Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder, these are products that needed some limelight on BBE.

I am going to talk about my favourite first. You guessed it- lipsticks. Covering both ends of the spectrum, Bourjois have released the perfect my-lips-but-better nude, as well as and your deep Autumn berry shade. Of course, being a dark lipstick girl, I am in love with Grand Cru (I even jumped over the table to get the first swatch- no exaggeration) as it fits perfectly into my winter lipstick stash as the best red undertoned berry.
However, I did decided to sport Nude-ist throughout the final three days of fashion week, as it seemed to just give something to my lips no other nude has before.

Who knew Bourjois could produce some siblings for their Chocolate Bronzer? Not me, but I’m glad they did. Adding two new products to the family, your first product is a much awaited contour kit. Including their original Delice de Poudre Matte Bronzer as the contour shade, they’ve added a nude pearl highlighter to create the perfect relationship.
The second product is something for those of you who love a little sparkle. Disguised in dark packaging, this golden honey toned Bronzer dupes up as a highlighter and eyeshadow too. Because I’m lucky enough to have olive skin this product works great as all three, but with shimmer particles in this is something to keep for a night out.

I’m loving these new releases so much, that all four ended up at the top of my makeup pile right away. So for those of you that have complimented me on my make up over the past three days, you can thank Bourjois before you head to Boots.

All Bourjois products are currently on buy one get one half price in all Boots stores so it’s time to stock up. However, if you fancy a makeover I will be back in Stratford Boots on Friday 26th of September from Midday.

Beauty by Emily @ lfw day 4


This collection, like Palmer//Harding blew me away. Located in the Rosewood Hotel, the visually stunning room was just a reflection of the collection. While I was seated nibbling on afternoon tea and throwing back the champagne, the presentation begun. The models wooed the crowd wearing a-line dresses with amazing detailing, as well as some more daring one pieces. Experimenting with fabrics and styles, hangs collection contained everything from silk lace dresses, fur collars, and Crystal embellished jumpers and dresses. The whole presentation (a mix of the garments, location and music) was beautiful.

IMG_0860 IMG_0872


This collection was up there with the most outlandish presentations I have seen this season. With clients like Lady Gaga, this SS15 collection was something to be admired. Bringing a new, refreshing taste to the cowboy trend with glitter and natural embellishments (pasta) these outfits bring a playful vibe to it the fashion industry. It was almost impossible not to stare at the models while admiring the handiwork that went into these piece. With a fun colour palette of royal blue and pink, the collection is oozing attention.

IMG_0888 IMG_0906


As my final presentation at Fashion Scout this season, the Le Photographe collection was something I was looking forward to seeing. Filling the room with Royal Red tones, this collection composed of midi skirts; a-line dresses and cut off trousers, had an elegance to it. The designer had an outfit for everyone, by using a multitude of fabrics which featured the flower spring summer trend in I either it’s print or embroidery. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye,MTS collection got a lot of attention in the presentation hall.


Another showcase were all the attention is on the bold colour palettes. Taking inspiration from macaroons, this colours was filled with an array of colours from the makeup to the clothes. The use of candy printed fabric and motifs distracted you away so me uh from the cut of the clothes and made you focus on how fashion can be fun. However, that being said, the designers focused on layering their garments which were free flowing and styled to silhouette the female body.



IMG_9466 IMG_9472


Palmer // Harding have to be one of my favourite designer duos as their collection never let me down. Seated in the most amazing buildings (Lincoln’s Inn Chapel) the scene was perfectly set  to showcase, for what can only be described as angelic, collection. The simplistic yet beautiful surroundings were the perfect compliment to the neutral colour palette  of pink orchid, and white. Each piece complimented the models figure, with great tailoring, flowing chiffon fabric and soft embellishments. Styling was kept simple to match the elegance of the pieces with sleeked back hair, gorgeous makeup and silver slipper shoes.



Swedish School of Textiles put on a showcase to remember with such diversity between collections and plenty of creativity in each designers garments. With fifteen designers showcasing this was an extremely long show, but it was broken up with contrasting collections. I am not going to sit here and talk about every designer, but I have uploaded photos of the whole showcase here which you can go and see.

The whole showcase opened with Felix Roll whose collection was something of art. The clothes was structured around the models creating a the illusion of being incased in bubbles. The collection was minimally styled, simple because he needed to do nothing else to wow the crowd.

Each and every collection that hit the catwalk was something new. From Felix’s unique structured designs to outwear made from recycled bin bags and cardboard and also some amazing flowing garments that shape the female body.

The finale was all down to Emelie Johansson. With recurring motif’s appearing in all her garments, this collection was well structured and extremely pleasing to the eye.


Its amazing to see new graduate designers coming on to the scene with such potential. The Fashion Scout Graduate Showcase room contains so much creativity I am surprised it hasn’t burst. From Renaissance styled pieces to modern prints, and structured garments, there is always something to catch your eye in this showroom.

kathryn younger - Graduate show-2

Grace Weller was one of the designers to catch my eye. Her collection, coated in fine embroidery had a Gothic element with a deep navy and red colour palette. It was clear that the Romantic era was her influence, but the sheer material and large motifs brought the collection back to modern day.

Camilla Grimes was the other designer to make me swoon. With a neon colour palette and cat motifs (I love cats) the collection was unique and something I could see in Topshop next year. Who doesn’t just love cats, fur and sparkling embellishments?

Beauty By Emily @ LFW Day 2


A little bird told me that Dora Obodi is known for her baroque-esk, futuristic styles. This season she continued to showcase her signature patterned prints, inspired by decades (and future decades) of art. The collection showcased metallic hues as well as, royal blues, rose golds, silvers, white and mesh black. Pick a colour any colour. The array of colours played featured to an array of fabrics as well, with the collection featuring silks, pearls, leather, silk organza, jacquard and embroidery.

 The show flowed into three sections. Part one featured mesh black tops with midi skirts, all of which were styled with printed blazers. As the show processed the theme got more feminine, with evening gowns, pencil skirts partnered with floral shirts presenting themselves on the catwalk. Finally to end the show models were accessorised with horns and graffiti to make one last statement.



Theres something about attending fashion shows were I get to see more than one designer that excites me. Keeping up with tradition, these five designers took to the Mercides-Benz Fashion Day show in full force.

First on the catwalk was Anna K. The young designer brought us a-line dresses featuring motif embellishments and oversized jumpers that hung low. Anton Belinskiy was up next. Well known for his clashing textures this SS15 collection featured a range of cut denim with flares, partnered with latex shirts. The female body was promoted throughout this collection with nipped in waists. Leonid Zherebtsov’s show was all about outwear. Featuring quilted jackets with embellishments, hand painted jackets and faux fur coats you may think it was still AW. However the colour palette brought it all back to Spring Summer.

Tailored lines and clean cut graphics were all designed by Lera Leshchova. This collection featured the infamous cut-out panels everyone so dearly loves, and strong fabrics such as tweed and more latex. Creating the illusion of stain glass windows with this fabric and design mixture, Lera brings everything together with her nack for detail and finishing touches. Finally the Yasya Minochkina show was all about the feminine women. Her collection featured netted material and tower printed all in pastel hues. This minimalistic approach to fashion created a classic female silhouette to be adored.

Unlike previous years I believe the Designers went for a more modern approach to fashion with more of a ready to wear collection than showcase pieces.



This is the second season I have sat in the showcase for Lu Lu Liu, and boy was as just as excited as I was last year. Lu Lu is known for her oriental garments that feature pleats and fur. However, as a new Mum, there was a recurring theme of childhood with toy print plastered on feature garments. But, Like many of the shows I have seen this season, Blue Denim and sharp White were infused on Lu Lu’s pieces in the form of Dresses and Skirts. To add her traditional spin on this collection, the designer featured frayed hems and ruffles to add texture, while not forgetting about detail with corset detailing and pulled in waists. Like her previous seven showcases, this was a fabulous show.


This is by far the biggest fashion show I have been and will attend this season. With eight designers to showcase there was a lot to take in, in a short amount of time. I am just going to recap my two favourite designers of the show- if not I’ll be here all night.

IMG_9244 Anya Liesnik was the first designer of the night to catch my eye. With floral print embellished on free-flowing midi skirts I couldn’t ask for much more. This collection featured a Royal Blue colour palette which was the prefect contrast to the sheer fabric the garments were crafted from. The whole collection screamed female chic. The whole collection was styled with bold big underwear and classic black shoes.

The Fleur Kelinza showcase was all about print. With what I can only describe as Giraffe print (you’ll see what I mean in the photo above) brought to the catwalk in an ombre style, this collection brought traditional cuts into a new light. The free-flowing designs hung loose of the models, but fitted in all the right areas. The dress of the night was a feature piece in this collection, a traditional skater style dress, printed with this unique design, topped off with a bow embellished hem and open back stood out from the catwalk crowd.

The whole showcase was a delight to watch, and all the designers had something different to offer. Over the course of the night we saw theatrical dresses, a modern take on traditional Indian clothing and late 60’s flared trouser and fitted dresses.

Beyond Beauty #11 Low Calorie Brownies

IMG_9146 IMG_9149 IMG_9150

I didn’t intend to make low-calorie brownies, but with a vegan recipe and no soya milk to help and the urge to cook it had to be done. The reason these are low-calorie, is just because I used natural sweeteners and ingredients such Agave Nectar and Cacao powder, rather than processed products.

Even though these brownies may not be your traditional ones, but the boys didn’t take long to eat the whole batch. Greedy Buggers. Anyway, to make these brownies all you’ll need is some Self Raising Flour (I used gluten-free) Agave Nectar, Sunflower Oil, Cacao Powder and Salt.

Once you’ve measured out 170g of flour, all you need to do is throw in your 2 tbsp of Cacao Powder, 5 of Agave Nectar and 2 of Sunflower Oil with a pinch of salt and just mix them together.

Bake for 25 minutes then bingo. You have yourself some gooey cake!

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